Bryan Cranston On Lex Luthor Rumors: “Give Me A Call.”


1071957-lex_luthorEver since the Man Of Steel sequel was announced at Comic Con this year, rumors have been running ramped. With Batman being confirmed for the film most of the rumors have surrounded him. Everything from WB looking at maybe doing a 40 year old seasoned Batman (which I hear is really unlikely), all the way to Christian Bale being offered 50 million dollars to reprise the role (which is untrue as well).

However, we have also gotten some rumors regarding Lex Luthor in the sequel as well. Lex hasn’t been announced or confirmed for the movie, but with all the name dropping that happened in the first film with buildings and tanker trucks, a lot of people are just assuming that he will make his way into the film. There has been two casting rumors when it comes to Luthor, the first being that of Mark Strong, who recently started toying with fans emotions with his playful response when asked if the rumor is true.

The other is Bryan Cranston. He has long been on peoples Fan Fictions for Commissioner Gordon, but when he shaved his head for his break out role on Breaking Bad, people started to throw his name in the ring for Lex Luthor too. Cranston will entertain the idea as well, telling Metro with a big grin, “Give me a call”. He also went on to explained his love for the character by saying, “I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a loveable, sweet man.”

Whether or not Cranston or Strong get the role will be another story. What is promising about this is that is would seem that WB is looking at some really good actors for the role of Lex. According to David Goyer the days of real estate mogul Luthor are long gone, and that we can expect the savvy businessman. So I’d be happy with either one of these choices. For now though we’ll just have to wait an see. For the latest on the Man Of Steel sequel, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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