Brian Posehn Talks Deadpool: Cover To Issue 13 With Heroes For Hire Revealed


deadpool bannerOne of the big hits of the Marvel NOW! relaunch has been Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn‘s take on Deadpool. The comedic duo have had the Merc with a Mouth going up against dead presidents, S.H.I.E.L.D., necromancers, and bureaucratic demons. One of the most surprising issues was #7 which showed Deadpool back in the day interacting with Demon in a Bottle era Tony Stark. One retro issue wasn’t enough though. Issue #13 will feature Deadpool in the 70s with Power Man and Iron Fist. The cover has been officially revealed, and it’s awesome. Posehn recently talked with CBR about the series and the fun he’s having writing the ‘Pool’s new adventures.

Posehn is a writer, actor, comedian, and all around nerd so working for Marvel has been pretty exciting for him. He says getting to play with Deadpool and other Marvel icons is one of his favorite parts:

I love writing “Deadpool” but the most fun for me has been being able to mess around with other characters I thought I wouldn’t get to touch. The fact that they let us throw Spider-Man in was huge, he’s a big gun.

The Iron Man issue I did, issue #7, was like that. “Demon in a Bottle” is one of my all-time favorite storylines and it’s something I’ve been talking to Gerry [Duggan] about. Our friendship was based on us laughing about “Demon in a Bottle” when we first met and he was working in a comic shop. We’d been talking about writing the misadventures of drunken Iron Man for years, and we knew Marvel would never let us do it, so this is our way of messing with that story we loved so much. I’ve got Iron Fist and Powerman coming up, like a heroes-for-hire thing, when Deadpool wasn’t around in sort of a 1970s style.

Deadpool iconDuggan and Posehn have gotten away with a lot of risque jokes and gags in Deadpool, but Posehen reveals one of the things Marvel said was an absolute no go:

The one thing they’ve said no to so far was that we couldn’t use real celebrities. You used to be able to, even in old “Deadpool” issues there was one where they had Michael Jackson (“Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War” #2), and it was clearly him but I don’t think they ever called him that. The lawyers at Marvel are a little scared of that now, so you can’t really do it anymore.

I wanted to kill the Kardashians, which I know isn’t an original idea; I’m not the first person to want to kill them, but I wanted to do it in a “Deadpool” comic. I’m sure that’s a first. They wouldn’t let me, so in issue #4 when Lincoln is fighting in the MMA fight, they’re in the audience. I wasn’t able to call them out the way I really wanted to, but [ghost Ben] Franklin calls them “dusty strumpets.”

One of the other interesting factoids from the interview was that Posehn had pitched a Deadpool movie back in 2001. He said that he hopes his work in comics will let he and Duggan be in the mix the next time that project comes up, but if not he’d be thrilled to work on a sequel to the upcoming Deadpool game if it does well enough to warrant a second entry. Whenever he’s writing the character though, he sees and hears Kurt Russell from Big Trouble in Little China behind the mask. He said Bruce Campbell is his second choice when writing. You can read the full interview by clicking here. Also revealed was the cover to issue #13 by Kris Anka. What do you think of Posehn‘s comments? Do you think that’s a great Deadpool cover or the greatest Deadpool cover?


deadpool cover

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Source : CBR