Brian Michael Bendis Sells You On VENOM In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY In 3 Words


venomA few days ago Marvel revealed that the second super secret character who would be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy in the big event kicking off next May in the publisher’s Free Comic Book Day offering would be Venom. The symbiote infused hero and Captain Marvel would be going off with the ragtag galactic heroes to face a big threat. Many fans’ knee-jerk reaction, myself included, was that it was a weird idea. Granted Venom is indeed an alien symbiote, but the idea of Flash Thompson going off into space with the Guardians just sounded weird. Well comic book scribe Brian Michael Bendis has tried to sell the doubters on the idea with three words…and then a brief explanation.

Over on Bendis’ Tumblr page, which is always interesting and doesn’t shy away from hard hitting or straight up trollish comments, the author was asked about Venom’s inclusion on the team. The question was one many fans asked- “Venom? GOTG? Really?” Bendis’ reply whets the appetite though:

I can sell this to you in 2 words: Symbiote home planet. Okay that was 3 words.

Then another questions came in about what the symbiotes would look like since they aren’t attached to a host. That’s something the writer is going to tackle head-on. Said Bendis on the second question “So you have to ask yourself…what will they look like? What will the entire planet look like? What kind of society? What do they want?” I’ll admit that sounds a lot more interesting than what we were lead to believe with the original announcement. Now that we’ve had a few days to sit on the idea and hear a few words from Bendis, those disgruntled fans (myself included again) might be liking what they hear. What do you think about Bendis’ comments? Do you like the idea of a trip to the symbiote home world?

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Source : Bendis Tumblr