Brian Bendis Braces For Age Of Ultron In 2013


It has been teased for quite some time, but the  teaser released last week spelling out Age of Ultron in binary promises a March 2013 release for the Brian Bendis and Bryan Hitch 10 part miniseries. The series’ 10 issues will ship starting in March and ending in June with artists Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco taking up art on the last five issues “for reasons that are story driven.”

Brian Bendis stated that the story is about Ultron finally realizing his plan to take over earth. Starting with “page one” the big bad will have control of the entire world.

Though this book started in ‘Avengers’…it was always meant to be a Marvel Universe book. It stars everyone, not just the Avengers. Our last pages are so shocking that there are literally only six people in the whole world who know what they are. After Bryan Hitch comes in, something happens in the story.

Whatever happens in the story necessitates Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco taking over art duties. The first five issues have already been completed by Hitch. Those issues will ship from March and April before the artist switch occurs.

The story is set in the present Marvel NOW! universe and continuity according to Tom Brevoort:

This story opens where other stories tend to end.” From the beginning of the story, the event will focus on a ravaged Marvel U already under the thumb of Ultron. This is NOW with at least three exclamation points.

Like all Marvel big events, there will be tie-ins. However, Bendis says that the tie-ins will be more like House of M where there will only be a handful that won’t be “a budget buster.” He states readers can pick and choose what they want or focus solely on the main story. The tie-ins will be one issue from six or seven series. They will be numbered similar to the .1 issues.

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Source : CBR