Brace Yourselves: The Death Of SUPERMAN May Be Getting A NEW 52 Retelling


supermanApril is going to be a rough month for Superman. The Man of Steel is losing his leadership position in the Justice League to Lex Luthor after Forever Evil, and then he’s going to have a gigantic battle with Doomsday that may or may not result in his death. Superman/Wonder Woman writer Charles Soule spoke to Newsarama earlier this week about some of the big summer plans for the Superman family of titles. While he doesn’t flat out say that we’ll be seeing the New 52 retelling of The Death and Return of Superman, he does tease it mercilessly and say that the New 52 Superman has never died at the hands of the unstoppable villain regardless of what earlier books may have hinted at.

Soule told Newsarama that any previous mentions of Superman’s “death” (quotation marks around death are Soule‘s) were misleading and that the earth-shattering fight between Superman and Doomsday HAS NOT happened in the past of the New 52, it might actually be part of the New 52‘s future. Superman‘s battles with Doomsday will start to be reshaped this April in a storyline that will begin in Action Comics and carry over to Superman/Wonder Woman and Superman. Soule is currently working on the gigantic story with Scott Lobdell and Greg Pak. A lot of characters will be involved in the story, but Superman and Wonder Woman take center stage. Says Soule on the story the Superman team is working on:

We’ve been working on this together for months to build a cohesive and really cool storyline across a number of Superman group books…It goes for quite a while. I don’t want to say it’s a certain number of issues, because what we’re doing is leaving it open and making sure there’s enough room for the story we want to tell. It’s very, very big. It goes through the late spring and summer. It crosses through a number of books. And we’re going to look at the effect of Doomsday appearance on all the different characters.
The fun thing about the Superman group is that we have a lot of different elements of Superman, with Superman/Wonder Woman, it’s about, in part, his relationship with Wonder Woman. So we’ll see how Doomsday returning affects that. And all the other books have their own spin on it too.

doomsdayDoomsday has been a part of Soule‘s Superman/Wonder Woman, so it’s not a huge surprise the villain will be taking on a larger role in the coming months. Soule says the upcoming Doomsday stories are going to be the next big thing for Superman. The writer stated “It doesn’t get much bigger than this. I mean, Doomsday is certainly where we’re starting, but there’s a lot more that’s involved with it, and it’s going to put Superman, his entire supporting cast, and a lot of the rest of the DCU through the ringer. And that’s the idea. Superman’s due for a real, big, universe-shattering story, and this is certainly that.

Now the fact the Soule and company are touching on elements of the Death of Superman story may be confusing to readers considering previous books have alluded to Superman‘s death already taking place in the New 52. Soule says all of those were misleading bits of information. The writer points out that Grant Morrison‘s Action Comics muddied the waters about Superman‘s death, but it wasn’t entirely clear to begin with:

Right. Well, the truth is, if you look back at those issues, there was a lot of crazy stuff going on back then, between [Mister] Mxyzptlk and everything else that was going on.
So I think there are a lot of open questions about Superman and Doomsday and his (quote/unquote) “death.” And we will do our best to answer some of them — probably not all of them, but some of them in this story.

The writer says that the Death of Superman story was a big influence on him back in the day when it was originally coming out, so he’s happy he gets to put his own spin on it and the ability to “touch on it in a way that was, hopefully, cool that was, hopefully, cool was a really great thing back then, and now being able to do it in a more thorough way is even better.” The story was incredibly controversial back in the 90s when it happened, and many contribute the decline in sales and the cheapening of death in comics directly to The Death and Return of Superman. It will be interesting to see if this is a retelling, a remix, or a riff on the story. We can at least expect to see Doomsday and Superman going toe-to-toe, but do you think we’ll see Superman taken down for the count like the original story?


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Source : Newsarama