Boston Comic Con 2013


ITZpWs9After the Boston Marathon Bombing in April, I was worried that Boston Con might lose some momentum.  The last few years have seen the attendance, and big name people, grow exponentially.  2013 could have been disastrous, but ended up being the best Boston Con yet.

Day 1

By 10 am, opening time for the con, there were around 1,000 people waiting to get in.  The crowd has never been that big.  The venue was absolutely massive.  This year’s was in the Boston World Trade Center, and it might be over two times as big as the space Boston Con occupied last year at the Hynes Convention Center.  But with the amount of people there, it still felt cramped. But who cares when everyone is having fun.  There were plenty of cosplayers, as you can see in the pictures below.  The most popular costume seemed to be the 10th and 11th Doctor.

Lines quickly grew for the big name people, such as Scott Snyder, to the point where they were handing out tickets for people to come back later.  The same happened for Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  Dan Didio did the unexpected thing and wouldn’t stay at his table.  He was walking throughout the con, unrecognizable.

The DC Panel was a little lackluster, but gave fans a few tidbits to chew on.  It comprised of Dan Didio, Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Brian Azzarello, and Aaron Lopresti.  Each of them talked about their current works.  Snyder hinted that Professor Pyg might be appearing in an upcoming arc.  There will also be a revamped Poison Ivy in the current arc, Zero Year.  Tony Daniel, when talking about villains in appearing in Superman/Wonder Woman, said, “Doomsday and Zod will be the first few villains appearing.”  Brain Azzarello was a man of few words, but had the most memorable lines.  One fan asked, “If DC could take one Marvel character, who would you pick?”  Azzarello came back with, “Stan Lee.”  Also, when talking about his current Wonder Woman book, mentioned how he sees “Wonder Woman radically different than DC.”  That would explain his version’s massive difference than the one appearing in Justice League at the moment.  It took two questions for someone to mention Stephanie Brown, and why she wasn’t in the New 52 yet.  Didio said that they don’t want to rush a character in just because she is a fan favorite.  They want them to come up naturally.  The weirdest moment was when a fan dressed as Harley Quinn questioned the men about sexualizing women in DC’s books, citing Harley’s new look as an example.  Unfortunately for her, she decided to do this in Harley Quinn’s voice from the Arkham games, so it was almost impossible to understand the points she was making.

I did find out a bit of info from David Mack, who recently co-wrote the amazing Daredevil : End of Day at Marvel.  It seems that the entire creative team on that series might be doing a Punisher title in the same world.  Mack said they had so much fun writing the Punisher, that they want him to have his own mini-series.  It seems that Marvel hasn’t given it the go ahead just yet, but where End of Days sold well, and was critically lauded (including here at Comic Book Therapy), I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it in the solicits soon.

Day 2

Every year that I’ve been to Boston Con, the second day just hasn’t been as exciting.  Usually there aren’t as many people, as many think they only need one day to see everything that they need to see.  But day 2 was just as busy as day 1, much to the delight of the vendors.  Also, I find that the vendors are lacking in real deals, as they have been stripped clean from day 1.  Most of them had restocked on the popular books though, and I found myself going through every vendor’s trades to find something I wanted.  And most of the time I did.

The costumes were out in full force on day 2.  With the costume contest on Sunday, this isn’t surprising.  Check out the pictures below for some of the best.

There was a big surprise in the panels, as Scott Snyder announced he’d be hosting a Batman panel that day.  Unfortunately for me, I did not budget time and was not able to get into the panel.  Or Marvel’s panels.  Stupid on me.

Boston Comic Con 2013 was a massive hit overall.  Everyone was incredibly excited to be there, and the organizers kept everything straight and order.  There seemed to be some confusion over things on Sunday amongst the organizers, but they seemed to be doing their best to keep everything running smoothly.  While I like having the convention at the Hynes, as it’s quite close to me on the T (Boston’s subway to you tourists), but the World Trade Center offered a much bigger room.  While not the fault of the organizers, there aren’t many places to eat in the area around the World Trade Center.  So I ended up walking quite a ways to find a decent quick service place.  Artist alley wasn’t as congested as the previous years.  The vendor’s area was very crowded though, which kept me from going near the front of the convention for hours.

If you’re in the New England area, make sure to hit the convention next year.  Boston seems to be a few years from getting onto the level of NYCC.

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