Book Review: “THE DEATHS OF TAO”


taoWalking through the book store a few months back my nephew pointed out a book that he liked the cover of, it was bright yellow and was called “The Lives of Tao” by Wesley Chu it sounded interesting so I picked it up read the back and decided to give it a shot. Little was I expecting this, or the next book “The Deaths of Tao” for that matter, to become one of my favorite series of the year.

 If you haven’t read “The Lives of Tao” stop reading this, go and do yourself a favor and read it, don’t worry this will be here when you’re done.

 “The Deaths of Tao” not only brings us back into a great universe created by its author Wesley Chu, it starts to shed light on the past of humanity and what the Quasing have actually accomplished. We catch up with Roen and Tao years later and we see some big changes that have occurred during the book, and how Roen has grown as an agent, and what his failings still are.

 This series has not only brought about interestingly new science fiction concepts about alien life and the evolution of man, but it is a well thought out and intriguing universe to be a part of, and for all the running, shooting and fighting that occurs within the pages, we also get fantastic character development and a better look at the inner workings of both sides of the Quasing war. Wesley Chu has developed something of a rarity in which there is a mixture of action, espionage, humor, and some romance that blends very smoothly together and gets the reader interested in the characters themselves and not just the endgame of the book. With brilliantly written out action sequences and a greatly descriptive world that lets the reader feel they are in on the action.

 Do yourself a favor and pickup both “The Lives of Tao” and “The Deaths of Tao” by Wesley Chu and have yourself an exciting read.

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