bloosusan’s Review of Batwoman 0


We’re finally giving Kate a new series (and by finally I mean a month ago). Alright! I can get behind it. I’ve always been a fan of the Batman family. What the heck! I’m sold.

I pick it up. I read. I do love me some Batman, who is our narrator throughout the issue. However, why am I not hearing from Kate Kane? You know, the entire reason I picked up the comic in the first place. I thought that maybe the narration would split, like the panels started to do. Maybe Kate has a voice somewhere in her own comic. No such luck.

However, what this issue did really well was establish who Batwoman is and who Kate Kane is. It gave her an incredible sense of character and the artists get credit for filling in the things that Kate (or Bruce, rather) could not say. It also showed the type of relationship she could have with Batman, which is something that I am really excited to see unfold. Batwoman has always been a hard character, because she can very easily walk the line of stereotyping. She brings up certain political issues, undoubtedly. When she is done right, she is an essential addition to the Batman family.

I think that this issue had its kinks, but it’s strengths outweighed its flaws. Overall, not a bad way to start. I’m interested to see where they take it and to see if Batwoman can hold her own, so to speak.

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