Bisexual, Transgender LOKI Batting For All Teams In AGENT OF ASGARD

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lokiAt New York Comic Con Loki fans were ecstatic to hear that the god of mischief would be getting his own comic this February as part of Marvel NOW! Phase 2. The new series, Loki: Agent of Asgard, will be written by Al Ewing with art from Lee Garbett. The premise centers on Loki taking on special missions on Earth and some of the other the nine realms for the All-Mother in an attempt to redeem himself. While Loki was still in his child form during Young Avengers, he has since become a young adult again. Loki has taken on many forms over the years from being a child to a lady, and it sounds like Ewing‘s series will be exploring that in detail.

While answering fan questions on his blog, Ewing revealed that his Loki will be bisexual, and for lack of a better term, transgender as he switches between a male and female form. That’s not too surprising a revelation considering the Loki of mythology was bisexual and a shape shifter. Mythological Loki was even looser with the sexual labels and had a wolf for a son. Ewing‘s comments raised some eyebrows and resulted in a flood of questions. Today he posted on his blog that he wasn’t really going to talk about Loki until the series starts. While it sounds like a wild development, we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. So now Loki has a newer body and he’s going to get his use out of it, and some of the other forms he can take, I guess. What do you think about comic book Loki getting in touch with his mythological roots?

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Source : Al Ewing via Robot6