Big DC 52 Crossover Coming, But What Is It?


It was only a matter of time until DC had a big event crossing over their new titles and relaunched characters. It seems that we can expect that event to take place in the latter part of 2013.

Dan DiDio talked about what DC has planned to celebrate the anniversary of the new 52 and further develop continuity. The #0 issues that will come out in September will explain more of the beginning years of the heroes since the new 52 started 5 years into the universe. The 0 issues will bring some “clarity” to the characters and also set up future stories.

We have a couple of plans. I’d love to be able to celebrate the anniversary of “The New 52″ with something that feels so special and something that unifies the line thematically (maybe not story-wise). We’re leading to probably our first crossover event in the latter half of next year, but you’re going to see a better continuity developing through the line. Hopefully through the zeroes, we’ll bring some clarity to our characters. There might be some questions on how they came to be five years in “The New 52,” so to speak. What I’m hoping is everyone buys in to what we’re trying to do and it re-introduces people to some of the books they might have sampled, may have gotten away from, and they come back to see what’s happening with the zeroes. Because it’s not just about giving a snapshot or a snippet of what they are in the past, but also setting up stories for the future.

Part of those future stories is probably the big crossover, but what exactly is the crossover? This is where speculation begins. DC had announced and teased the Trinity War in the Free Comic Book Day issue. We learned that Pandora, Question, and the Phantom Stranger were all part of the trinity of original sinners. A war is coming, but is the crossover event related to that? There is no word on a start date or how expansive the Trinity War will be. I’d say it may be related to what DiDio said. What do you think?

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Source : Bleeding Cool