Beta Ray Bill And Sam Alexander Will Meet Up In Duggan And Medina’s NOVA


hammeredBeta Ray Bill had a role in some recent Journey into Mystery issues, but the horse-faced hero will be making a much bigger splash in Gerry Duggan and Paco Medina‘s new run on Nova. The fan-favorite hero will have a problem with Sam Alexander, the new Nova, and some of the decisions he has made as an up and coming hero. Later on, of course, they will team up and fight some cosmic bad guys. Duggan will be taking over the title soon, and Beta Ray Bill will be a part of his first big arc.

Speaking with Newsarama, Duggan said after issues #11 and 12 plant some seeds, issue 13 will kick off the first arc:

My first big arc begins in Nova #13 – we use #11 and #12 to build up the seeds of the confrontation, as Sam does a good thing for the wrong people. In doing so, he unwittingly assists the bad guys so Beta Ray Bill comes to Earth and demands some answers.
It’s more than a little dust-up, as miscommunication leads to a pretty fun fight that might surprise some people. That kicks off Nova #13 and is a great jumping-on point for new people. People can get to know Sam pretty quickly. Then in the ensuing arc we follow Sam and Bill into space as they try to clean up Sam’s mess. I’m really excited about this – Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco are fantastic. One again I’m very lucky in collaborators.
If you’ve been reading Jeph Loeb’s and Zeb Wells’ Nova issues then I hope you’ll give my run a chance. We’re having a lot of fun and my measuring stick for doing a good job is if the editorial crew gives me a high five – and they have. We’re having a lot of fun doing this.

Ol’ Bill has teamed up with Novas before. He even had a few dealings with a Nova named Richard Rider. Rider has been absent (much to some fans’ displeasure) for some time now. There are still some questions surrounding Rider and whether or not he is well and truly dead, but Duggan says when Beta Ray Bill and Sam start working together he “would be surprised if the subject of Mr. Rider did not come up.” So those fans may finally get the answers they’ve been waiting for. You can read the full interview with Duggan by clicking here. What do you think about Beta Ray Bill and Nova teaming up?

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