miles morales spider-manHere’s something that won’t come as a huge surprise if it turns out to be true, Ultimate Spider-Man may be coming to an end. Writer Brian Michael Bendis teased the end of this chapter of Mile Morales‘ life in a recent Tumblr post. The writer is notorious for teasing and trolling fans, so it’s hard to say whether this one should be taken at face value or not.

Bendis was asked (as spotted by Bleeding Cool) if there was any chance he would add a new Marvel book to his already full plate. His answer gives us something to think about:

Well, now that ultimate comics: Spiderman is done I might have to find something else to fill that space in my life :-(
but I have a lot of creator owned work to focus on including Powers, brilliant, Scarlet, and the upcoming United States of murder Inc.

There have been numerous rumors that the entire Ultimate Universe would be coming to an end at the hands of the 616 version of Galactus after the events of Cataclysm. No Ultimate comics have been solicited for March except for a mysterious and classified Survive #1Bendis has also teased the future of the Ultimate Universe in previous Tumblr posts, so he’s flat out trolling us about something here. This could mean the title is relaunching in April, it could also mean Miles really does make that rumored transition to the main 616 Marvel Universe. It could have something to do with Dan Slott‘s Spider-Manshocker‘ coming early next year too. We just don’t know. There are a lot of possibilities on what Miles Morales could do next, but we’ll just have to wait and see. What do you think Bendis is getting at with his comments? Any guesses on what happens to the Ultimate Spider-Man?

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