Bendis Previews: Daredevil End Of Days #5 and All-New X-Men #7


eod1We’ve got two brand new Bendis-y previews for you. First up is the fifth installment in the final tale of Daredevil’s adventures- Daredevil: End of Days. The mystery behind Daredevil’s death is slowly starting to unravel as Ben Urich goes to The Punisher to find out what “Mapone” is. The book is written by the man behind this article’s theme- Brian Michael Bendis along with David Mack. Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz provide art. This, as well as our next entry, hits shelves February 6th.

The second Bendis book you can get a look at is All-New X-Men #7. Young Scott Summers has ran away from the Jean Grey school and is wandering the present trying to figure out what happened to his future self. While Cyclops is trying to find himself, Mystique is trying to find our young impressionable time-traveler.


• The Mystery behind Daredevil’s final days stands revealed!

• Witness the final fate of Frank Castle, the Punisher!

• Some of the Man Without Fear’s greatest creators unite to tell his final story!









• Mystique targets our young time-travelers, starting with Cyclops.

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