Ben McKenzie Proves He’s Hitting The Books As He Prepares For GOTHAM


jim gordon gothamJust yesterday Gary Oldman offered Ben McKenzie some advice as he takes on the role of Detective Jim Gordon for the upcoming Gotham series. He told the young actor he needs to go to the source material and read all the comics he can because “There’s great stuff about Gordon. He had whole other life.” Whether McKenzie heard what Oldman had to say or he was doing some prep work of his own, the actor has shown fans that he’s hitting the books.

McKenzie Tweeted out the picture you see below. The new Gotham star has a few nights work ahead of him. His haul includes two Gotham Central trades (the Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Greg Rucka series many believe Gotham is loosely based on), Batman: Earth One, Year One, The Long Halloween, and Dark Victory. It’s an interesting collection to say the least. Gotham Central and Year One make a lot of sense at first glance, but the others give us a little more to think about. With Sean Pertwee playing Alfred Pennyworth, many thought he would be portraying an Earth One version of Bruce Wayne‘s faithful butler who is a little more hardcore and capable than the regular universe’s Alfred. That doesn’t confirm it, but it adds fuel to the fire. The Long Halloween is just a flat out great story and Dark Victory is the sequel. Both feature some great Gordon material, but it’s not as easy a connection to make at initial glance compared to the others. Since this gives us our first look at McKenzie‘s required reading list, we can start to piece together what type of show Gotham will be tonally. What do you think about the actor’s homework?


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