Ben Affleck Reveals Contacts For Daredevil Reboot And Denies Justice League


MTV was able to talk with actor turned director Ben Affleck for the premiere of his latest film “Argo”. As always seems to happen, in these interviews they often speak of other projects, and having  Affleck in front of them it was inevitable to ask about the superhero genre.

The winner of the Oscar for the screenplay he co-wrote with Matt Damon “Good Will Hunting” has been associated with superheroes since he played Matt Murdock in “Daredevil” and this summer news broke that Warner Bros had offered Afleck the directors chair of Justice League.

As it did then, and again soon after Affleck disproved the rumors, once again attacking websites and blogs as the cause of generating this information:

“What happens is that there’s a lot of bloggers and Internet interest around superhero movies, so there’s regularly a rumor that comes up. Obviously [with regard to] ‘Justice League,’ once ‘Avengers’ happened, they think, ‘Well, it would be crazy not to make “Justice League,” ‘ and I’m sure they will,”

“I guess I should be flattered, and I’m sure it will be cool. I’ve seen some of the stuff from the new ‘Superman’ movie, and that stuff is awesome. I think they took a really cool, real approach to Superman, which no one has done before, so if that trend continues, I’m sure ‘Justice League’ will be great.”

According to Affleck, Warner Bros did not reach him with the project idea, but then what material has the actor and director see to say that “Man of Steel” will be good? Because yes, there is a teaser trailer, but make no mistake, a teaser doesn’t show you that there will be a “very cool and real approach of Superman” in the film. I guess we must rely on his word, and that we was one of the lucky few who was able to see more of the movie.

Asking if we would like to work in a superhero movie lead to the movie “Daredevil”. A movie that he already regretted years ago. The highlight of his statements is the news that 20th Century Fox contacted him to work in the reboot movie they were doing (and that, if gone forward, would have avoided Fox losing the rights for Marvel Studios/Disney).

“I would if there was one I liked. I had a negative experience with the one comic book I liked, it was just a movie that didn’t work,” Affleck said. “It’s such a shame, because, first of all, ‘Daredevil’ [is] a great book, great idea, and then right after that, they figured out that it was better to make the movies good, and then they started making them cool and investing in them,” he said. “I felt like I was in the 1930s with that outfit, the trousers: ‘Hey, chum, hold up there! This fella’s trying to rob a bank!’ Ben Affleck says mockingly.

“It was a drag, but I did love it as a kid, and they’re rebooting it. I got contacted about it, and I was like, ‘That wouldn’t be a reboot [if I was involved],’ but I really hope they do a good job, because that’s a great property and deserves something really, really good,”

“I would love to do [a comic book movie] if it was the right one, if I thought I could do it well,” Affleck said. “I think you have to, with any movie, have an idea for it that’s original and unique and committed to it, and that’s a hard thing to find.”


What do you think? Can Affleck end up directing a comic book movie? And if so, which one do you think he would be more suitable for?

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Source : MTV News