Behind The Scenes Of Tonight’s WALKING DEAD; Plus The Cast And Crew Look Ahead To Season 5


bannerSo tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead managed to pull off one of the most savage sequences from the comic. In the books, Carl gets eyed by some Deliverance types who think he has a ‘purdy’ mouth. Rick, of course, wants to save his son. To do so he has to resort to some rather brutal means. The show followed the same line, though there was the added twist that the ‘Claimers’ group was the one responsible for things. It was a shocking and brutal scene. I mean, come on, he ripped a guys throat out with his teeth. Since the episode ended AMC has posted some behind the scenes videos for tonight’s final as well as a video featuring the cast and crew looking ahead to season 5.

walking deadThe videos talk about Rick reaching a turning point in the show he can never come back from. I’ll let you watch those at your leisure, though note the cast/crew speculation for season 5 is the first video in the lineup. There are a few things wroth pointing out from Talking Dead though. Showrunner Scott Gimple says they are already hard at work on season 5. In fact, he’s already been to Atlanta and seen the new places they’re going to be using. He said the next season is “going to be an incredible season. It’s going to be completely different from this year.” He went on to describe what’s coming up as a “nuclear weapon.” More interestingly, when asked if more comic book characters would be showing up right out of the gate, Gimple says “I wouldn’t spoil which ones specifically, but more are comin’!

We know more comic book characters are coming, since it’s a comic book show and all, but a lot of fans have been wondering if the foul-mouthed, baseball bat-wielding Negan will show up anytime soon. Gimple assured fans he’s coming, saying “Negan will be in the show, but we won’t say when.” That particular villain seems more like a season 7 or 8 reveal considering how the show is adapting material, so we can only hope it doesn’t get rushed (and they can figure out how to rework his dialogue without losing its edge).

Finally, speaking of foul-mouths, Andrew Lincoln revealed that the episode’s final line was indeed supposed to be what we all thought it should be. The reason he said “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out. [find out what, Abraham asks] That they’re screwing with the wrong people” was the FCC didn’t want the show dropping the f-bomb. They did film it with the f-word intact, so maybe that will be on the DVD. What did you think of tonight’s finale? Are you ready to see what’s in store for season 5?

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