BATMAN VS SUPERMAN’S Filming Titled Revealed


BVSAll major studio franchises do it. The have the name of their film, and then they have a code name in which the movie shoots under to try and avoid suspicion. While this almost never works, studios continue to do it in hopes of throwing off would be photographers hoping to capture shots of the set. Man Of Steel used the sneaky name of Autumn Frost, and now it appears we have the sequels code name too.

Our friends at the Man Of Steel Fanpage have done a little digging and come up with the name in which Batman Vs Superman will be filming under. Brace yourselves for this because it’s a dozy. Sage And Milo will be the code for the movie. After a quick Google search (very quick) nothing turned up except some art work for Devlin Claro‘s single of the same name.

While these code names really don’t do much, we like to get the word out there to you fans in case you are out and about in an area where the movie might be filming and see signs for Sage and Milo. Filming for the movie has already began in a small stature with a football scene being filmed in LA last month, and they are prepping the Kent Farm for filming by doing some construction at the original site from Man Of Steel. Filming isn’t expected to kick into high gear until February next year. As always for the latest on the Batman Vs. Superman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Man Of Steel Fanpage