BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Costume Designer Teases His Work With WONDER WOMAN


Batman vs superman wonder womanWe’ve heard Batman vs. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson talk about his work on the highly anticipated and recently delayed movie a few times regarding the titular heroes, but now he’s talking about his work specifically with Gal Gadot‘s costume as Wonder Woman. While speaking with The Wrap recently, Wilkinson‘s teaser may give us a hint that the Amazonian may be sticking closer to her comic book roots than we originally thought.

WonderWoman1The Wrap asked Wilkinson what his next project is, which he very enthusiastically said was Batman vs. Superman I’m doing the next Superman and Batman film.  I can’t say much about it, but we’re all very excited about creating it.” When it was mentioned that the Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit has been getting a lot of positive buzz from folks who have seen it, Wilkinson was quick to clarify that he was the one that worked on that particular suit. He’s working on all three big costumes in fact. He tells the site “I designed the new Batsuit! I’m designing the new Wonder Woman costume, I’m tweaking the Superman suit, so yeah. I’m glad you heard good buzz about it.

We’ve heard about Batman‘s suit a few times, and we’ve heard rumblings about Superman‘s updated costume, but we haven’t been hearing too much about Gal Gadot‘s movie duds. The actress is currently working out non-stop to get in shape to portray the Amazonian warrior, so here costume may still be in flux. Wilkinson talks about the research that went into his work on that particular costume:

It’s a thrilling and slightly scary prospect, of course. It’s so important to get her right. She really deserves to be presented on-screen in her full glory. So what I do is I look at the history of how the character has been presented on the big-screen, and the small-screen, and in comic books, and graphic novels. We process it all. Then we kind of put that aside and work out what is right for our film, for the cinematic universe that our director Zack Snyder is putting together. We try and create a Wonder Woman that’s relevant for today’s audiences.

Following up on the comic book research, the designer was asked if he thought Wonder Woman‘s comic book costume could translate to the big screen considering how it stands out compared to other costumed heroes. Wilkinson thinks that it really can. He says it fits in with recent comic book movie success stories with things like Thor. “Absolutely! I mean, you just have to look at the gladiators from ancient Rome, they did their thing in their little loin clothes and a shield….It works for Thor, it works for 300, so let’s see what happens,” he stated. So it sounds like Wilkinson and company might be pulling from the comics pretty heavily. While I doubt we’ll see Gadot running around in a pair of blue, star-studded panties, we may see something a little more old school and 300-esque as the designer says. What do you think about Wilkinson‘s comments? What do you hope Wonder Woman‘s costume looks like?

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