Batman: Arkham City Combat Details


A plethora of new gameplay details about the video game Batman: Arkham City‘s have leaked online from GameVicio Magazine thanks to fan website, Before you get excited, just remember these details have been translated from the magazine and have yet to be confirmed by the game’s developers.

It appears Batman’s arsenal will expand tremendously in Arkham City. As we previously told you, the Dark Knight will now be able to hit more than one enemy at a time, with Rocksteady hoping to bring that number up to three at once.

His air attacks have been beefed up considerably. Previously he was only able to glide kick down to enemies, but the magazine claims Batman will be able to hang by a cord and jump over enemies to disarm them as well as a diving swivel kick that can hit multiple enemies.

Then there’s the addition of a new kind of combat move that allows the Caped Crusader to finish off his enemies (no, not kill!). One such attack is apparently called “Fallen,” which is a combination of quick punches and a vertical kick that launches enemies into the air.

Some details about traversal were also leaked along with it, suggesting Batman will be more agile this time around. He’ll be able to climb many objects, including buildings and wires (balancing on them). It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume some of these will be inspired by the Assassin’s Creed video game series. Sliding underneath objects, clinging to objects like poles and rods, all that jazz.

While running players will be able to use gadgets and when in the air they’ll be able to throw batarangs or grab enemies. Why he’ll need to do grab enemies while in the air, we’re not sure, but it definitely seems like we’re in for a treat. Rocksteady are keen on giving players plenty of options.

There’s also the news that Batman won’t be completely useless when being shot at. If you played the last game, you probably remember guns being his worst enemies. This time he’ll be able to dodge projectiles with a new feature. The translation of the feature wasn’t clear, but expect to hear more about it soon.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Rocksteady’s new Batman game?


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