Baron Von Strucker Will Appear in AVENGER: AGE OF ULTRON


1168192-baron_von_strucker_01Looking at the news over the past few months, you’d think that Marvel, Fox and Warner Brothers were having a contest to see who could cram the most characters into one film. I’m not sure who is winning at this point, as it’s a race that is too close to call. Marvel has up the game in regards to villains as it was revealed today, by multiple sources, that Baron Von Strucker will be joining the ranks of new characters.

Latino Review broke the news that the studio is on the search for a “physically imposing man” in his 40’s or 50’s. The character will providing a supporting role (more on that later). Not only that, but Marvel has two names their list, according to the site. Both Martin Csokas and Dougray Scott are both rumored to be on their radar. The site reiterates that they do not have offers out or they are secured a spot at this point.

Shortly after that news broke, Hitfix revealed some more information on the role that Von Strucker will play in the film. It appears as though the character will serve as the “initial threat” to the Avengers, the baddie they are fighting at the beginning of the film. He will not have a major role in the final story. However, he will be responsible for introducing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the Avengers, since they will be working for the villain. I like the site’s comparison to a James Bond film: If you look at this like a James Bond movie, Von Strucker’s the bad guy they’ll take care of in the pre-credits sequence before they move into the main story. They also state that the brother and sister duo will have a very complicated journey during the film and the question of where their loyalties lie will be a major driving force for the overall story line.

One thing is for certain here, Marvel looks to be taking their universe to a whole new level and now that Joss Whedon is comfortable in the franchise, look for him to be pushing the limits of what is accepted in the comic book movie world. Avenger: Age of Ultron is scheduled to begin shooting next spring, just before Captain America: The Winter Soldier is slated to hit theaters. We should expect to see some tie-ins to the team-up sequel with that film, as well as the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy.



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