Bane Takes Up The Mantle Of The Bat In FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR #3


evilWhen Forever Evil first kicked off, there was a promotional image showing someone in a Batman costume among the ranks of Lex Luthor‘s mock Justice League made up of villains who would stand against the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3. Many assumed that since the Justice League were ‘dead‘ that would mean a bad guy would grab Batman‘s costume to strike fear in the Crime Syndicate‘s heart. Well Forever Evil #2 showed us that Batman was the only hero to survive first contact with Earth Three. He will, probably reluctantly, help Lex Luthor save the world. There will be a villain take up the mantle of Batman, so folks were half right at least.

The “What’s New In The New 52” blog today unveiled the first look at Bane in Batman‘s suit. The only man who broke the Bat will be putting on a version of his enemies costume to try and strike fear in the rival gangs of Arkham‘s hearts. Said Bob Harras of the scene from Forever Evil: Arkham War #3:

With the Dark Knight out of the picture, the war for control of Gotham City wages on. In next month’s action-packed FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR #3, Bane steps up his game. Understanding the power of the Bat symbol, he builds himself a version of Batman’s costume – and thus becomes what he hates most in an attempt to ensure that he conquers the battle-ridden city. But is simply wearing a bat on his chest enough to make Bane win this territorial war? And in an epic battle where he faces off against Killer Croc at Wayne Towers, one of these villains must fall.

What do you think about Bane becoming BatBane? What do you think will happen when Batman finds out about Bane‘s little attempt at cosplay?

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Source : DC