Axel Alonso On How Marvel’s Upcoming Cosmic Event “Infinity” Came About


infinityWe know that Age of Ultron isn’t Marvel‘s only big event in 2013. Jonathan Hickman will be working on a huge cosmic level story spinning out of his Avengers books later this year. We’ll see Earth’s Mightiest teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and other cosmic heroes to take on some of the biggest threats in the galaxy (like Thanos). The story will kick off in Marvel‘s Free Comic  Book Day issue on May 4th. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso recently spoke with CBR about the event and  how it came about.

Hickman had originally planned for Infinity as an Avengers story, but it kept growing and growing until it gained enough material that it could make for a good major event crossing over with several comics. Alonso talks about how they came to that decision and teases what will kick this event off:

Jonathan was hatching a huge Avengers story that had cosmic undercurrents — or overcurrents, might be a more accurate description [Laughs] — so the potential to involve the cosmic characters — the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and Thanos — as well as other characters we were interested in shining a spotlight on — namely, the Inhumans — was always there. Over the course of three editorial summits, Jonathan workshopped his big story into an even bigger story — a story that is truly Marvel Universe-spanning because earthbound and cosmic heroes fight side by side for the same stakes.

In “AvX,” an extinction-level event galvanized the Marvel heroes into camps, and everything exploded out of that. In “Infinity,” there are a couple of inciting events — or one inciting event whose ripple effect creates another inciting event. Let’s just say Marvel’s heroes have their collective hands full, the battle is fought on two fronts, and when things seem to get about as bad as they can, they get worse. Like I said before, no event narrows the gap between our earthbound and cosmic heroes like “Infinity.” Anyone who is not reading “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Nova” — and judging from sales, a lot of fans are — will be searching for back issues or trades when “Infinity” is underway. And I wouldn’t be surprised is back-issues of the Inhumans heat up, too.

You can guess who some of the major players will be by looking at the Free Comic Book Day cover, but there will also be some old favorites like the Silver Surfer and some of the more obscure characters like Blue Marvel. The one supergroup that will take a very big role will be The Inhumans. Alonso touched on how he became an Inhumans fan, but went on reveal that now is the perfect time for them to step up and gain a little more prominence. One of the goals for Infinity is “to bring them to the same prominence as what we’ve managed to do with Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Inhumans will play a big role in ‘Infinity,’ and continue to be key players in the Marvel Universe after that.” You can read the rest of the chat with Alonso by clicking here. What do you think about The Inhumans taking a bigger role in the Marvel universe? Are you looking forward to Marvel‘s first real cosmic event in several years?

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Source : CBR