Axel Alonso On All-New X-Men And Marvel NOW!

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Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso spoke with CBR earlier this week as part of his Axel-In-Charge column. This week he talked about the Marvel NOW! initiative and more specifically Brian Bendis’ book All-New X-Men.

The basic story of All-New X-Men is that the original 5 X-Men come to the present. The question was asked if that would effect the timestream. Characters from the past in the present always present some wibbly-wobbly problems. Alonso had this to say:

I think we’re going to tread carefully. We’re aware of all the ripple effects and all the arguments that come up. But we’re going to get through this as quickly and cleanly as possible. The X-Men from that era are going to pop into this era, and all eyes will be focused on their journey of discovery. We do have one sort of quick little device that should help the purists reconcile how the timestream and the past won’t have been changed. But again, we really keep our eye on the characters in the now dealing with a world that’s changed and doesn’t in any way resemble the world they hoped to be in by this time.


The five original “past” X-Men would seem to be the main characters, but that’s not so.

I’d say that the young characters and the current cast of the X-Men share time on the story. And there’s a third entity I’m not allowed to talk about yet that will also share screen time. But the story is really about the effect of these young Lee and Kirby X-Men arriving in the present. It’s both the story of young Jean Grey coming back and wondering why everybody is looking at her so weird, and it’s the story of Logan and Cyclops coming to terms with the fact that this young girl, who they both fell in love with, is now back in some way, shape or form. That’s what I think is going to make for such fascinating stories – dual perspectives on this development.


What was most interesting was the question about how this would affect the new Marvel status quo post Schism where there was a mutant fallout because of the rift between Cyclops and Wolverine. Alonso says that AvX will change the Marvel Universe, which causes repercussions for all the heroes of both teams involved.

Both organizations are forced to reassess who they are, what they stand for and how they’re organized. For one team, it’s going to start with the leadership. For another team, it’ll involve a lot of different things – one of which is that a key team member will at some point in the very near future have to go off on a very personal quest, a personal mission that demands their immediate attention. That will make them unavailable to the team.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here. Alonso addresses the new importance of Ant-Man. You may remember Ant-Man was on one of Nick Fury Jr.’s dossier of people that will shape the new Marvel order. Alonso also says the Ant-Man introduction isn’t about the possible movie, the writing part of Marvel doesn’t really know much about what the movie part of Marvel are working on. They touch base, but Ant-Man’s new prominence has to do with their genuine love of the character (do you buy that, I don’t). The interview wraps up with how Marvel NOW! will allow lower tiered characters a chance at solo books and bigger moments, like the recently announced Hawkeye book by Matt Fraction.


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