Axel Alonso On How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics Relate To The Movie


guardians of the galaxy bannerMarvel has corporate synergy down to a science. The movies and comic books are usually good compliments to one another. The success of the films have even seeped into the comic book world and helped reshape and refine a few things. That continues well into Phase 2, but one movie presents a unique situation for Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t come out until next year but a new comic book featuring the galactic heroes launched last year. Some thought Brian Michael Bendis, being part of Marvel‘s movie think tank, may have used a few things in the series to help lay a trail for the movie. The most obvious example is those few weeks a couple of months ago when people thought Karen Gillan would be playing Angela since she was about to be introduced in the comics. Marvel‘s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso touched on how the comics and movies relate to one another in this particular case.

In his weekly column with CBR, Alonso further teased those one word teasers that have been released throughout the week for announcements coming up at New York Comic Con. One interesting thing he did say though was how Bendis‘ work on Guardians relates, or rather doesn’t, to what James Gunn is doing with the film:

With “Guardians,” Brian is delivering a widescreen cosmic adventure on the comic book page. The Guardians have never been more relevant to the Marvel Universe. If the series provides a breadcrumb trail that leads readers to the movie, that’s great, but our job is to make a great comic book — period. To create great stories featuring Starlord, Rocket, Groot and crew for anyone who wants to read them, before or after the movie hits.

Of course, many of us have read the movie script and seen stuff that hasn’t been made public yet, so we know what a treat people are in for. I knew James Gunn before he was tapped to helm the movie — we’ve snowballed story ideas for comics — and I can tell you, he is a major talent with a great love and respect for the comic book medium. He is going to knock this movie out of the park.

Alonso may have hinted at another reason Gunn was an ideal candidate for the film. While he probably wasn’t pitching Guardians comic ideas, that he showed such enthusiasm for Marvel probably helped some. This would be one of the few instances where Marvel doesn’t use comics to help get readers excited for a film. Jason Aaron is writing an absolutely fantastic Malekith story in Thor: God of Thunder, but the timing of the upcoming film played a major role in that story as well. As long as the stories are great, it doesn’t matter whether excitement for a movie had anything to do with it. What do you think about Alonso‘s comments?


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