Avengers vs X-Men #12 Review


After six months, Avengers vs X-Men has come to an end. Marvel proved that they could make a good event, let alone one that double shipped each month. So how was the ending to AvX? Good, even with a hiccup or two.


It would have been easy for Marvel to quickly end the event and have the majority of this issue be about the future. It’s what Fear Itself did, and it somewhat worked. But AvX spends all but a couple of pages in the present. The time shifts between 72 hours ago and now work well, allowing Jason Aaron to give equals part action and debate. The debating between characters have been the best parts of this book, giving some great insight to these big event comics. The conversation between Cap and Cyclops worked really well. Aaron jumps the line between making the reader think this was Cyclops plan all along, or he’s really a mad man. Unlike most comic events though, AvX #12 has a sense of completion. With one of the pages dealing with next week’s Uncanny Avengers, the feeling isn’t as great as it could have been. From the first page it feels like something is going to end. Between the bleakness of the dialogue or the

It’s not perfect though. Nova comes out of nowhere to save the day. I’d be fine with this if Nova had popped up a few times between #1 and #12, but he was gone the entire time. Has he been healing the entire time? It rings of forcing a character into the forefront of the Marvel Universe so that he can get his own book. I’m a huge Nova fan, so I’m somewhat happy. Also, having Hope fix all the problems and bring the mutants back tidied up all the lose ends to easily. Let us see some of the ramifications around the world instead of having Hope fix everything in the blink of an eye. But with a relaunch only a week away, it’s no surprise that Aaron decided to do this.

Adam Kubert does a phenomenal job on pencils. The battle scenes have the epic feel that are necessary in an event comic, but doesn’t miss a beat when switching to calmer scenes. The air of despair that Aaron’s script gives comes across well in the fight scenes. When the battle scenes start to get cluttered, Kubert doesn’t lose detail. Every character looks great, even when in the background of a crowded scene. The fire properties of the Phoenix look great, giving off an otherworldly look. Credit should also be given to Laura Martin and Justin Ponsor. The only problem that I could see was the change in inkers. The density in lines changes once the Phoenix leaves Hope. Kubert’s pencils have always looked better when the ink is heavier, giving his pencils more of a comic book look instead of realistic feel. This is a small gripe in what has been an amazing few issues by Kubert.

Avengers vs X-Men as a whole has been a fun event. Having the issue double ship each month helped, as there were a few issues that were less than favorable. But I’ll remember this event fondly, something I can’t say about Fear Itself. The only thing that could have been changed was the magnitude of writers. A great idea when trying to build the event, but bad when going from issue to issue. Many of them, mainly Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction, have their distinctive voice that comes out when the write. The rest of the writers, can mold their writing style enough to work with others. The big thing is having all the mutants come back. Some aren’t going to be happy with this, and some will. I fall into the “happy” category, as it opens up a lot of new stories. It gives Bendis and other X-writers new characters to work with.

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