Avengers Almost Had Wasp, Not Widow; Whedon Wanted Two Villains

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the-avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes-screenshot-1Most fans would say that Avengers was a great flick and despite a few minor flaws- what movie doesn’t have them- the finished product was an entertaining movie and ranks among the best comic book films out there. Many folks were hesitant about Marvel’s film-verse and were skeptical as to whether it would work, which we now know that it did, and quite well. Joss Whedon came aboard to write and direct and he put together a great script and handled the rather sizable cast quite well. But things could have ended up differently according to the writer/director, who tried to get studio execs to include a second villain, thinking Loki wasn’t quite enough for one of the greatest teams of super heroes ever assembled. Even going as far as saying he “battled” the studio over the topic.

“I definitely felt like I have Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I have four of the biggest, baddest…just the toughest guys out there – and I have one effete British character actor.”  It was apparently a great challenge figuring out how to balance the fight, but the “one effete British character actor” wound up being his greatest weapon. “The ace in the hole is Tom Hiddleston,” Whedon explained, “because he’s so compelling and commanding and gracious about it that it became, ‘Oh it’s about how he gets in their heads – it’s going to be fine. But it took me a long time to accept that because they need someone to hit!”

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear directors say they want the characters to hit someone. Anyway, Whedon, who was doing a Q&A at a screening of The Avengers recently, also discussed the female lead in the film, Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson in the film and how she nearly didn’t make into the movie. The original plan and script had Janet Van Dyne slated to be the main female lead, but due to some issues with the draft of the script, the plan had to be scrapped.

 “There was a little bit of time when we thought we might not actually get Scarlett,” Whedon said while talking about how they decided which characters would make up the team in the movie. “There was a very Wasp-y draft that I wrote – but it was way too Wasp-y. Because I was like, ‘She adorable! I’m just going to write her!’”

But even before Johansson had officially agreed to come back on, they had realized that their script wouldn’t work, so they opted to continue on with Black Widow, which worked out pretty well. With an Ant-Man film on the way, many fans are hoping that Van Dyne will make an appearance somewhere in the “Phase II” films that Marvel Studios is producing, whether it be in the actual Ant-Man film slated for late 2015, or the sequel to The Avengers, which hits earlier that year.

I think it’s fair to say that fans are wanting Wasp to make an appearance and Whedon is prepared to make it happen, it’s just a matter of how to work her into the shared movie-verse. Who would you guys like to see portray the character of Wasp should she show up in the films?






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Source : CinemaBlend