As Warner Brothers Moves Closer To Justice League, Wonder Woman And Aquaman Become Possibilities


AquawomanMan Of Steel is tracking with huge opening weekend numbers. The studio has modestly predicted an 80 million dollar opening weekend. However, most box office experts say it should be closer to 100 million. Whatever the case may be, the huge numbers are good for those interested in seeing a Justice League movie.

One of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets has been that Justice League depends heavily on Man Of Steel’s box office success. Not only that it opens up WB, a studio who’s bread and butter in recent years has been big franchises, to establish a new one. One insider told The Wrap, “If it does well, Warner Bros. can do Justice League including Superman, Superman vs. Batman and another Superman. It opens up at least three different fronts of potential sequels with great synergy for the company in theme parks, licensing and all that.” So it would seem that getting either another Batman franchise, or the character re-introduced to audiences seem to be a priority for the studio. The site also notes that there will be more Man Of Steel before Justice League.

Also a priority for the studio, is looking for new heroes to make movies about. A while ago I was told that Wonder Woman is a really high priority for the studio. I have also been told recently that Aquaman seems to be gaining some attention from studio brass. Both of these things confirmed by The Wrap who says WB is “kicking the tires” on the two characters.

Before you get to excited though, Warner Brothers seems to be at a bit of an internal struggle. Their relationship with their main finance partner Legendary Pictures, who has been with them on The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as Man Of Steel, seem to be close to ending when their contract ends later this year with no deal in place to extend it. There has also been question marks about movie head Jeff Robinov’s future, who missed out on the WB CEO job to Kevin Tsujihara. Robinov has been a big proponent in getting superhero movies made for the studio, but it is unknown if he were to leave Warner Brothers how that would effect them going forward.

Even despite the internal squabbling of the studio, they seems to have a financial hit on their hands with Man Of Steel. This coupled with multiple possible movie franchise opportunities looks to give the company, who has been stagnant this year with misses like Jack the Giant Slayer and Gangster Squad, a shot in the arm. All we can do now is go see Man Of Steel this weekend, sit back, and enjoy the ride. For the latest on what DC and Warner Brothers is doing with their movies, check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : The Wrap