Artist Jock Talks Days Of Future Past Costume Designs And His Upcoming Savage Wolverine Arc


jockFan-favorite artist Jock is a pretty busy guy.  The artist provides covers for a lot of comic books, he does amazing movie posters, production designs for movies like Judge Dredd, and now he’s adding writing to the list Jock will write and draw a three-issue story for Savage Wolverine kicking off this September. The artist spoke with CBR in an expansive two part interview about his every growing body of work.

x-men-days-of-future-past-cast-photosOne of the things Jock lent his talents to recently was some costume designs for Bryan Singer‘s upcoming X-Men inbetweequel, Days of Future Past, providing some sketches for several of the heroes’ costumes. He says his worked focused on characters like Xavier, Colossus, and Wolverine. On providing designs for the film:

A few, actually. What you find with those sorts of things is you’ll do lots of different concepts and versions. They might pick a shoulder from that one and a kneecap from that one and a wrist from this one. I worked with my friend Lee Garbett, actually. He came in for a couple weeks, he’s a huge “X-Men” fan. I did some work on Wolverine, which was great. Professor X, Colossus, too. When I was working on it, it wasn’t even locked down which characters were in it, though.



While doing awesome art for comic and movies has become old hat to Jock, he will be trying something new with Savage Wolverine. For the first time, the artist will be providing art and writing for a series. Jock talks a little about how the project came about and the story’s plot:

It’s great but it’s a challenge. I want to do the best job I can and obviously as a first-time writer it’s daunting, but Jeanine Schaefer, the editor at Marvel, gave me the perfect opportunity. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot over the years because I love the writer/artist guys — Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Jeff Lemire, all those guys. It’s a different type of storytelling and it always feels a bit more personal. I’ve thought about it over the years but never had the opportunity to do it. Jeanine asked if I wanted to come and do a story-arc, it’d be very open and out of continuity, and I could even write it if I wanted. I could tell any story I wanted, drop the mic and leave. So I came up with a concept and everyone at Marvel loved it, which was great. It’s set in the far, far future, so it’s kinda a sci-fi “Wolverine.” He crash lands on an alien planet. It’s actually just like a “2000 AD” story! The first issue is out in September.



Writing will be new to Jock, but he has the benefit of being able to tackle it however he wants since his will be the only hands on the book. He talks about his writing process and whether art or words come first:

What I didn’t want to do is make it purely visually led because I didn’t want it to be too thin. But saying that, that is the way I’m wired. I worked out the stories using thumbnails. Making small pages and editing them and moving them around. It’s more of a Marvel style, but with myself. I don’t have a full-script, I sort of draw the artwork and then when the artwork’s done I’ll start lettering it and pulling it all together. The dialogue’s not locked down yet, either. It’s more of an organic way of working because it is just me. It seems like the natural way to do it.

You can read both entries in the interview series at CBR by clicking here and here. We’ve seen some brief glimpses at Days of Future Past’s costumes, but it will be interesting to see the full thing and compare it to Jock’s designs. I’m sure when the movie comes out and a little time has past, we’ll see some of his work posted. The Savage Wolverine arc is also another exciting project. We know Jock can present some amazing visuals, but can he tell an amazing story? My money is on yes he can. What do you think? Will you be picking up Savage Wolverine next month?

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