Artist Ben Oliver And Little Lobo Have A Message For The Haters


It’s been a little over a week since Justice League #23.2: Lobo was released and the controversial redesign made its official debut. The fires had finally started to die down and the outraged section of fandom had started to come to terms with what has been dubbed “Twilight Lobo” or “Lobo Lite.” The hornet’s nest was kicked again this week with two pieces of art showing both sides of the Lobo redesign debate in a humorous light.

Frank Cho posted the first piece of art you see below on his website earlier this week which shows Lobo asking “Who’s the ass that changed the costume and made me look like a ponce?” Now artist Ben Oliver, who drew Justice League #23.3, has fired back with a funny little drawing of his own. Robot 6 pointed out the Tweet you see below. Oliver responded to those incensed by the redesign with Little Lobo simply saying “Wah.” It’s worth noting that Kenneth Rocafort was the artist that created the new design. Oliver is just the artist that drew the new Lobo debut issue. It seems Lobo will be a hot button issue for years to come. No matter what side of the redesign debate you’re on, you have to admit that Lobo has never received as much attention or blog headlines as he has in recent months. What do you think about Cho and Oliver‘s little satirical pieces of art?

lobo cho

lobo oliver


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Source : via Robot6 on CBR