suicide squadTonight’s episode of Arrow, The Promise, is said to be the biggest episode in the show’s history. We’ll see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) find out that his former friend Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) survived the island and is in Starling City looking to collect on a debt. Oliver shot Slade in the eye with an arrow, and now the one-eyed villain is looking to destroy everything Oliver loves. We’re still a few hours off from that episode’s premiere, but fans are already looking forward to next week’s story about the Suicide Squad. We’ve seen a few promos, some pictures, and some other little teasers about the episode, but now Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim is talking about the size and scope of the Diggle-centric story.

diggleSpeaking with CBR about tonight’s episode, the chat with Guggenheim eventually turned to Amanda Waller‘s Suicide Squad. The team of villains will be the first large scale group from the comics that have been adapted for the show. Guggenheim was asked if getting to do that, as a fan and comic book writer, was exciting. Of course he said it was, but in his answer he teased the vibe of the episode:

Really, really exciting. In part because it kind of has an “Avengers”-like feel to it — we’ve introduced all of these characters in their own separate episodes, and it’s fun to see to take all of these “villains of the week” and see them interact with each other. Part of the fun of the episode is, “How does Bronze Tiger relate to Deadshot?” “How does Deadshot relate to Shrapnel?”
This is one of those comic books that I grew up with. I remember the Luke McDonnell/John Ostrander run after the “Legends” miniseries incredibly vividly. It’s such a great, compelling concept — “The Dirty Dozen” with supervillains. What’s not to love? It’s fun to be able to do it within the world of “Arrow,” and it never doesn’t feel like an episode of “Arrow.” It just feels like a different iteration on this world that we’ve created.

We know from the show’s synopsis that everything revolves around Diggle as he finds himself involved with a group that includes his arch-enemy, Floyd DeadshotLawton. The executive producer explains that Diggle gets the spotlight for the majority of the episode, and he’ll even get a few flashbacks of his own:

This is our most Diggle-centirc episode since episode #6 [“Keep Your Enemies Closer”]. It’s not quite a direct sequel to episode #6 of this year, but it certainly speaks to it. Because it is Diggle-centric, we get to see the flashbacks from Diggle’s (David Ramsey) perspective — so we’re going to be flashing back to Diggle’s time in Afghanistan, which is a fun little bonus for the episode, and you get to see how everything ties together.

So after tonight’s episode, which appears to be explosive in every sense of the word, we get another big episode with the Arrow villains. The final few episodes of season 2 promise to be some of the most exciting ones yet. There’s also a Birds of Prey story coming up. What do you think about Arrow‘s big episode to help wind down the second season?

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