Arrow Cast The Huntress, Executive Producers Talk Easter Eggs


CW’s Green Arrow adaptation, Arrow, has been on a casting spree of late. We’ve had the addition of Kelly Hu as China White and recently John Barrowman as “the well dressed man,” and now we can add another big DC character- The Huntress.

According to EW, Australian actress Jessica De Gouw has been cast as Arrow’s version of The Huntress for a multi-episode arc. This iteration will be Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a mafia boss, who vows revenge after her family is murdered. While The Huntress is more closely associated with Batman, we’ll see the character roaming the streets of Oliver Queen’s Starling City.

The official description for The Huntress- “Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father’s organized crime empire. But Helena’s blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow.” This story wil start around episode 6 or the premiere season.

Also, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg talked with the Huffington Post in a very lengthy interview about the series.  Roy Harper, better known as Speedy, is the faithful sidekick of Green Arrow. Some fans were upset when a clip showed Oliver calling his sister Speedy. When asked if that was a nod to Roy and meant he wouldn’t show up in the show, Kreisberg had an interesting answer:

One does not obviate the other. I think we are fans of the comic and we are fans of the rich heritage and legacy of the comic. I think you’ll find that there’s going to be more of the Green Arrow lore from the comics in the show than even hardcore Green Arrow fans aren’t going to believe. He’s choosing his nouns and his verbs very carefully … Stay tuned. There’s the reference to Speedy in the pilot. But I think there’s a lot of story to tell and we have a lot of cool characters to start with. Right now we’re sort of focusing on servicing them. But it’s always been our intention to open up the universe and allow not just characters from the Green Arrow comic books, but other DC Comics characters, some lesser known ones who’ve never really gotten their due and sort of put our unique spin on it. So, it’ll feel like a rich tapestry of a show.

The two said they drew inspiration from Chris Nolan’s Batman films and saw the show as less a superhero story and more a crime thriller. One aspect that seperates it from the comic is that Green Arrow is called Arrow, if anything at all. Guggenheim touched on the name controversy:

[The cops] wouldn’t give him some cutesy nickname and they wouldn’t put a spotlight on the roof. That’s just not happening. In fact, one of the little things we’re doing — and it’s actually not that little for us — but no one calls him The Arrow. They’re calling him “The Hood Guy” or “Robin Hood” or “Hunger Games.” Again, they’re acting realistically. Cops and the media don’t all get on the same page and have one big meeting and say, “OK, new superhero in town. What are we going to call him?” So, even Oliver does not say, “It is time for me to become The Arrow.” He’ll go into action without the outfit. We don’t even really call it a costume. When we brought on Colleen Atwood to design the costume, the note we gave her was he should be able to walk down the street in this outfit. In episode three you’ll even see a new iteration of the outfit sort of along those lines.


The executive producers talk at length about the show and how they take established characters and give them a slight twist. If you want to read the full interview, click here. Arrow has been a show that’s on the edge of my radar. Some of the trailers and info seems promising, but some of it seems a little to Smallville for my liking. I’ll definetly give it a shot, if for no other reason John Barrowman is involved. What do you think about Arrow so far? Are you ready to see The Huntress in action?


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Source : EW