An ARROW Behind The Scenes Pic Offers Up Our Only Real Look At Harley Quinn


suicide squad dcArrow‘s Suicide Squad episode had a lot of hype behind it, and part of that was all the online speculation regarding the possible Harley Quinn cameo that was teased in the episode’s first promo. Dots were connected and the actress who stood in the A.R.G.U.S. prison cell as the insane inmate and “licensed therapist” was revealed to be a young lady named Cassidy Alexa. We did a bit of dot connecting of our own (click here for that). When the episode premiered, there was indeed a Harley Quinn cameo. It was only a few seconds long though. While Alexa did give Harley a physical body, voice actresses Tara Strong provided the one line of spoken dialogue. There is a slim possibility Ms. Quinn could return, but it seems like the cameo will be the extent of her time on Arrow. Deadshot actor Michael Rowe has posted a behind the scenes image from the episode that gives us our only real look at the Joker‘s gal pal.

Rowe posted a cast photo from Suicide Squad showing the assembled cast of Diggle, Shrapnel, Lyla, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Bronze Tiger. This candid photo is our only real look at Alexa in the role, save for the brief shot of the back of her pig-tailed head in the episode. If Harley makes a reappearance there is a real possibility she will be recast, but Alexa sure does look the part. What do you think about our first look at the front of Ms. Quinn? Do you hope she makes a reappearance sometime down the road?


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