It Appears The Joker Has Already Made His Presence Known In GOTHAM


joker-wallpaper-1920x1200-1004058Yesterday the first official photo/teaser poster for Gotham was released. It showed the entire cast for Fox‘s pre-Batman series and gave us our first good look at all the villains before they grow up to become the Caped Crusader‘s most notorious foes. Since the photo has been released in higher resolutions and sizes, some Easter Eggs that were hiding in relatively plain sight have come to light. While most point to characters we already know about, one towers above all others in its importance and significance.

The pic, which you can see below and click on to see much larger, has several eggs worth mentioning. To the right of the image is a spray paint green question mark in honor of Edward Nygma (standing to Bullock‘s right), on the left side of the image (Penguin‘s right in the image) is a poster for Penguin‘s garage. That one was pretty self explanatory. Between Detective Gordon and young Bruce Wayne is Selina Kyle‘s black cat. Poison Ivy is also clutching her potted vine while standing beside Mr. Nygma. The tiny cat burglar is perched above the rest of the cast on the fire escape above Alfred. But the biggest Easter Egg of all towers above the entire cast. There is a neon sign for a casino with a Joker carder clearly visible.

You may remember on Thursday showrunner Bruno Heller said that Gotham would indeed introduce Joker sometime during the series, saying “He’s the crown jewel of the Batman villains. He will be brought in with great care and a lot of thought.” You can read all of Heller‘s comments about villains by clicking here. While we probably won’t see Joker right out of the gate, it appears the Gotham crew are going to be teasing the big man’s appearance every chance they get. With Joker having no clear origin in the comics, the show may well play that up with several possible candidates and likely stories about how Batman‘s greatest enemy came into being. We’ll just have to wait and see though. What do you think about all those hidden clues?



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Source : via BleedingCool