Anthony Mackie On Being A Child’s Play Thing And His Desire For A FALCON Solo Film


falconAnthony Mackie is finally getting the recognition he deserves for Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the release of his own character poster for Sam Wilson aka Falcon earlier this week. We’ve seen Mackie in the trailers, but this is the first time he’s gotten the spotlight to himself. As we get closer and closer to the film’s April 4th release, we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of Mackie though. The actor has a substantial role in the Russo brothers directed film as he acts as Steve Roger‘s friend and new ally in his fight against the Winter Soldier and corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D. Mackie recently spoke with BlackFilm.Com (via @Marvel_Freshman) about being turned into a toy because of the movie and whether or not a solo flick may be in Falcon‘s future.

falconChatting with Black Film about his new movie Repentance, Mackie was eventually asked about his role as Falcon in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Part of being in a big superhero blockbuster is getting your likeness plastered on all manner of merchandise. At this year’s Toy Fair, a Falcon action figure was unveiled by Marvel. Mackie was asked how he felt being turned into a child’s play thing, and it turns out he doesn’t think the figure looks much like him:

I haven’t seen it or the other models in person, but I’ve seen them. They look more like Billy Dee Williams than me but I’m happy with it. It’s huge to have an action figure modeled after me. It’s monumental. I always felt that there was something coming my way and I just had to be ready for it. I never knew what it was. I always thought it would be the lead of some big movie or some combination of something; but I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised, overwhelmed and emotionally moved at the fact that it wasn’t any of that. It was the role of a lifetime working with the studio that would give me the opportunity to step out to the forefront of a franchise to say I’m a part of this, and I’ve worked for this and earned this. It wasn’t given to me. I’ve earned it. I’m very proud that little boys will be able to buy The Falcon action figure.

With Marvel shifting focus to new characters in the upcoming phases, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that one of the ‘sidekick‘ heroes in one of the main films could get their own spinoff flick. Don Cheadle is popping up in Avengers: Age of Ultron and there have been rumblings of a War Machine project, so Falcon could be one of the next heroes in line to go off on his own. Mackie was asked if he thinks Sam Wilson could handle a solo film. The actor, of course, thinks he could:

I think so and I think he deserves it. If you look at his relationship with Captain America, he’s prime for his own stand alone film. There’s a huge market of little boys would love The Falcon and not because the way he looks like but because of what he’s doing. He’s a flying action figure and there’s not too many of them. If there’s one thing every little boy wishes he could do and that’s to fly. It would be dope. I hope it happens. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be heartbroken at all.

Mackie also reiterated that he has no clue whether or not he’s in Avengers: Age of Ultron. At this point he probably should know. Filming has begun, so either Mackie isn’t involved or he’s trying to keep his involvement secret. We’ll just have to wait and see on that front. Regardless of when we see him next, it looks like Falcon will get plenty of action in Captain America: The Winter SoldierMackie is a great actor and a charismatic guy so I’m sure he’ll be the next Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstay. What do you think about the actor’s comments? Would you like to see a Falcon solo flick in the future?

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