Anthony Hopkins Wanted Fewer But Funnier Lines For Odin In THOR: THE DARK WORLD


odinWe’ve heard from a lot of the members of the cast and crew of Thor: The Dark World about the highly anticipated film. One person we haven’t heard much from was Anthony Hopkins, Odin the AllFather himself. The legendary actor plays a much larger role this time around as Asgard prepares for war with Malekith the Accursed and the Dark Elves. The actor recently spoke with FilmInk for their November issue about his experiences while working with director Alan Taylor.

Hopkins is a legendary artist of stage and screen, but he’s not much of a comic book fan. Hopkins brought life to Odin in the first film directed by Kenneth Branagh, but he didn’t know a whole lot about the comic book world. He did read a few comics as a kid, but as for Thor he mischievously says “It’s incomprehensible. This world is alien to me. I don’t know who’s who. Who are the baddies? I don’t know who the hell is…Thor? Marvel? I’m not a geek. I’m not an aficionado of comic books.” What he does know about is directors. He compares working with Alan Taylor and the first film’s director:

Alan is a different personality. He’s a charming but quiet man, whereas Branagh was more of an extrovert because he’s a theater man. Alan was under a lot of pressure and, for any director doing this, the director doesn’t have much scope; it’s pretty set, so the director really has to just choreograph it. Alan would say, ‘Well, this is what I see in the film, and could you move there and then the camera will come over here when you do that.’ And you’d say ‘Okay, but can I go around the table that way?’ and he’d say ‘Yeah, whatever you like; let’s see how it goes.’ So it’s very much a camera medium, and you fit into it and it’s easy.

odin 2While he’s very complimentary to the new director, it wasn’t all easygoing. Hopkins says there were some disagreements between he, the director, and the studio folks over how Odin would be portrayed in the sequel. Hopkins wanted the AllFather to be a little funnier:

Sometimes we’d disagree. I wanted to reduce the lines and make it more humorous, and there’d be whispering in the corner. The studio was saying to him ‘No, I don’t think that he should be more humorous,’ and I’d say, ‘No, I don’t agree.’ I’ll do it my way whether they liked it or not. Sometimes you have to lighten it up. All in all, I had a wonderful time on both films. Alan is very well organized, which is important with this kind of setup.

It is Anthony Hopkins, so he can pretty well do whatever the heck he wants. Odin has always been a serious, dramatic character in the comics. I can see how Hopkins thought a more Shakespearean/mythological character could get a little stale compared to Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston’s characters. Taylor has said the movie is a little more humorous overall (thought it’s focused more on characters like Kat Dennings’ Dary, Jane, and a little bit with Thor). Taylor has expressed how Marvel can be serious and dramatic while still maintaining a humorous edge.  It will be interesting to see just how funny the film is and if Hopkins got a few humorous moments of his own. What do you think about Hopkins’ comments?


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Source : FilmInk via Tumblr