Anthony Hopkins Not Too Keen On THOR 3


odinAnthony Hopkins, Odin the All-Father himself, was asked about a plot point in Thor: The Dark World and what that may mean for his Marvel movie future. We’ll go ahead and get the spoiler warnings out of the way now, so if you haven’t got to see Thor yet- SPOILER WARNING. If you have then read on to hear what Hopkins and Kevin Feige had to say about Odin‘s future.

So at the end of the movie it was revealed that not only was Loki alive, he had somehow overpowered Odin and taken the throne for himself. Thor thought his old man was finally proud of him, but it turns out it was just Loki playing one of his games. There were no real hints as to the real Odin‘s fate, and it sounds like we won’t find that answer out until the next Thor solo film (though Kevin Feige has said we may see hints along the way). When asked about the All-Father‘s fate by MTV, Hopkins thought this was it. He didn’t sound too big on the idea of coming back anyway, saying “Maybe Odin dies. I don’t know. I’ve done two, that’s enough.Hopkins had previously talked about wanting fewer but funnier lines in the sequel (read that here), and in some of the officially released video interviews it seemed he wanted to be anywhere else but there talking about the movie.

Kevin Feige was a little more diplomatic in his answer regarding what happens to Odin. The Marvel Studios head honcho said with a smile “We have very good ideas of whether the All-Father is with us or not.” There are a few possibilities as to what happened: Loki could have imprisoned Odin in the dungeons( a bit of poetic justice that brings the entire story full circle), Loki somehow killed the ruler of Asgard, or he was able to get the drop on him and transport him somewhere else entirely. While we don’t know the answers, we can safely assume that no matter what happens with Hopkins we’ve not seen the last of Tom Hiddleston.

Beyond that, it sounds like Marvel may have to do some work if they want to keep the All-Father around. The legendary thespian appeared as Hannibal Lecter three times, but that’s the exception for a franchise role in his career. He had some fun with Thor but now he probably wants to move on. As much as Marvel loves to plan out things, Odin‘s fate may come down to whatever Hopkins wants to do. He doesn’t sound very excited about the possibility of coming back, but maybe if they give him a little more of what he wants for the third outing he’ll agree. What do you think? Could you see a Thor 3 without Hopkins as Odin?

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Source : MTV