Anime Boston 2014



Dear diary,

This past Saturday (March 22nd) I went to my first Anime Boston convention.  Oh how excited I was to attend, as I had heard many great things from my fiancée and her best friend.  I woke up with glee as I got ready, picked out my favorite “nerd” shirt (I went with Doctor Who) and made my way into Boston.   As I got closer to the Hynes Convention Center (where the event is held), I started noticing more and more costumes on the streets.  I also noticed the strange glares from pedestrians and homeless people. Although I feel the homeless people were mad that most of these outfits didn’t have pockets for spare change…

I arrived at the Sheraton to pick up my press badge, and all of a sudden there were costumes everywhere! They were very impressive, with two guys donning wings that had a massive wing-span. A few people around them must have failed estimation in elementary school, as their proximity to the wings was much closer than the original thought.  Oh the headache they’ll have tomorrow!

What worried me most about attending Anime Boston was my lack of knowledge of anime.  Wait, does Pokemon count? The judges are telling me that it does not.  Walking through the exhibition halls while waiting for everything to start up only built on those fears.  I noticed a few comic characters, mostly Captain America, and Kingdom Hearts cosplayers but was at a loss for people with tiny horns holding big chainsaws.  For documentation purposes, there was a Fat Misty. I feel like a convention of any variety can’t go by without a Fat Misty sighting. That’s just crazy diary!

The dealers section was quite large. It occupied the same area that Boston Con did for 2011 and 2012, but Boston Con only had one of the exhibition halls available on that floor. The dealers section for Anime Boston had both. Yowza.  I walked around in awe of all the different types of products.  I even recognized some items, but mostly was relegated to the Legend of Zelda items or the occasional Pokemon.  I unfortunately stumbled into an adult section while looking down at my phone to Tweet something that I thought was funny and probably wasn’t.  I was…..surprised to say the least of the different products offered for people who wanted to be *eherm* closer to their favorite character. Jenn (you know her as fiancée diary) told me that this was normal.  I have a lot to learn before next year.

I made my way upstairs to the video game section, as I was certain that I would know what these games were. I didn’t make it there right away, as I was distracted by a howling scream followed by a fan running for his life down the hall. I then saw a female fan dressed up as the witch from Left 4 Dead chasing him…….it’s as weird as it sounds.  She must be a jogger, as she was able to catch up to the male fan quite fast. Which made it all that creepier.  Impressive…but very creepy.

The video game room was like heaven to me! Super Smash Bros. games as far as the eye could see.  Also one dude in the corner playing Titanfall on an Xbox One, which I’m sure someone will use as a metaphor for the quality of the console.  The internet is cruel diary.  They battles were intense, and were incredibly entertaining to watch.  Falcon Punches as far as the eye could see.  The number of 3DS’ was astounding, but I forgot mine at home so I didn’t get any of those glorious tags.

At this point it was around noon, and I wasn’t sure of what to do next. I didn’t want to take up room at a panel, as I would have zero clue as to what was going on. Better save room for the fans than take up room and stare off into the distance as I try to look like I know what the panelists are discussing.  I walked around for a few more hours before deciding to leave.  It was a very fun day, and I look forward to going next year…..just with someone who can explain everything to me.



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