Andy Serkis And Gareth Edwards Talk About GODZILLA The Anti-Hero


godzillaGodzilla is quickly climbing to the top of many folks’ most anticipated list thanks in no small part to the marketing strategy of the film of holding back a lot of surprises and a full-on look at the monster until the actual movie is released. We’ve gotten several trailers and TV spots, but we haven’t actually seen that much. That’s why fans are eager to hear anything director Gareth Edwards has to say about the King of the Monsters. The main man, along with the legendary Andy Serkis, recently opened up about the film and how Godzilla was reinvented.

Speaking with IGN, Gareth Edwards discussed what he thought he could do to help make Godzilla scary again. Part of that was staying true to the monster’s original movie appearances and doing what the Toho films intended with the help of modern technology and a bigger budget. One part of Godzilla they seem to be keeping is the fact he’s not really a villain or a hero, more an edgy anti-hero:

Well, I don’t know what we can say about that, but we do get into is he a hero or an enemy? I think maybe the best description is that he’s an anti-hero. In that he’s kind of like…we’re insignificant to him. For a long period of time when we were figuring this out, we decided that he would not look at a single human. We were irrelevant as a race. We’re like ants.

Part of the anti-hero aspect is that he’s not really concerned about us, but he will go out and fight some other monsters (like the Muto) to stop chaos and because we as humans can’t. Edwards goes on to explain that aspect of the character while discussing his conversation with Andy Serkis and his studio, which served as consultants on the film. Edwards says, “Well, he’s probably like the last samurai. An ancient warrior who is the last of his kind. He’s old and very happy to leave us alone so he can live out his life, but the things that we do bring him back and he has to come and fix them. And we have to suffer the consequences.

On the other side of things, Andy Serkis talked a little bit about the consultant role he served for the film, which Edwards discussed at length as well. He points out that he did not do any motion capture or anything for Godzilla like some had originally thought, but he did help the crew come up with the look at movement of the movie. Both men have a lot of interesting and rather great things to say about the film, and you can hear it all for yourself in the videos below. What do you think about what Edwards and Serkis had to say?

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Source : IGN