Andrew Garfield Compares Spider-Man To Bugs Bunny And Marc Webb Talks Electro’s Costume


spider-man bannerThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a strong showing at this past weekend’s Comic-Con. The panel featured Andrew Garfield in costume and in character as Spider-Man for the majority of the film’s time on the stage. The cast and crew of the film hit the press rounds hard after the presentation to talk and tease all things Spider-Man 2 and beyond. CBR had a rundown of a recent press talk with the Spidey crew. Andrew Garfield touched on what it’s like balancing Peter and Spider-Man, and director Marc Webb talked about Electro’s new look.

spider 4We’ve heard that this film will show the full-on funny/wisecracking Spider-Man we all know and love from the comics. Webb has stated on several occasions that the film opens with Spider-Man absolutely loving being Spider-Man. That starts to change when Electro comes on the scene, but Garfield talked about balancing Spidey’s playfulness with Peter Parker’s sense of duty. When asked if it’s hard to be Peter Parker and easier to be Spider-Man:

What a question. I like that question. I think what I discovered on this one is that it’s just a mess. Peter’s a mess. Spider-Man’s a mess. But what’s important to know is that when we meet Spider-Man, at the beginning of this film, he’s taking great pleasure in his power, and he’s in full control of it. A little bit like Usain Bolt, his 25 minutes before he runs the 100 meters, his preparation is play because he has the ability to do that, that he accesses a relaxed, free, playful state of mind. So what I love about this Spider-Man now is that he has the confidence to not only be heroic, but it’s not boring heroism. He’s able to mess with people as he’s being heroic. He’s Bugs Bunny to a certain degree. And also, what I discovered is that Peter is his little brother in a way. He’s in the shadow. Spider-Man gets all the power, the attention, and he gets to live out this fantasy life, but when he gets home, Peter has the bangs and the bruises and the aches and the pains when the adrenaline has left his body. He has to look in the mirror, and he has to see a real boy in the mirror as opposed to this symbol that’s greater than any human being. So that dynamic was really, really interesting. This inner dynamic between the older brother and the younger brother. It’s complicated as it should be. Peter Parker has historically been complicated. The more complicated, the better. The more guilt, the better. The more pain, the better for Peter, and the more joy and pleasure for Spider-Man, the better. So those two things were really fun to play.

The film has the Osborns and Rhino, but everyone is saying that Electro is the main villain and the main focus. We’ve seen a few pics of his full costume over the past few weeks. It’s a big black leather getup that’s pretty close to the Ultimate costume. Webb talked about the costume and how he tried to get the classic green and yellow in the film while rehashing some of the things that went into Electro’s creation we heard a few times:

Well, there’s a lot of different incarnations of Electro in the comics, and I tried to think about how to do it with a yellow and green suit, and I couldn’t make any logical sense of that. But I wanted to keep this – there are certain elements of his creation that I wanted to protect, but I will say when you look at a storm cloud coming out over the horizon … I remember growing up in Wisconsin seeing these terrifying storms coming over the plains, and the electricity on the inside of them would explode, and you would see these flashes of billowing light. And that is a cue that we used to develop these internal workings of Electro. And the other thing that I really felt was important to understand the visage, the face, the emotion, and preserve Jamie’s performance within the character itself, so I really sort of stepped away from doing a mask. Instead I created this creature that felt human but also felt God like, and that was something that was really important to present to Spider-Man as an antagonist, something terrifying, and a little bit creepy and immensely powerful.

You can read the full rundown of the press talk by clicking here. Hopefully the movie really sells Spider-Man’s wit this time around. The first film had Spider-Man coming off as more of a jerk than the jester in the comics. What do you think about Garfield’s comments about balancing Spider-Man and Peter Parker?

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Source : CBR