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I have had the great honor of interviewing yet another of my favorite authors, this time around it is the author of the “Iron Druid Chronicles” Kevin Hearne! Having read his first three books and finishing his fourth book, TRICKED, on Wednesday I e-mailed Kevin and was granted this interview, which he quickly responded to. A great take on the on a the druid and a new take on a magic user based within the real world here’s what he had to say.


The Man Himself Kevin Hearne

So first question: How long did it take you to write your first three books? They all came out one after the other as a reader it was amazing because from the start these stories not only caught my attention, but drew me in. I have to know though how stressful was it?

It took two years to write the first three. The stress wasn’t that bad; Nobody knew who I was, and I got to write in my own little world. It was fun, actually.

TRICKED  just came out and is flying off the shelves, or into to e-readers as is the case with me, although I do plan on buying it as a book, so the question is what expectations did you have for this book and has it met them?

I just hoped people would think it was a worthy follow-up to the first three. So far I’m getting positive feedback and I’m glad to hear people are entertained. 

What was your inspiration for Atticus from the start? How do you want to evolve him as the series continues?

I wanted a magic user who could talk to animals, and Druids were relatively new territory to cover in urban fantasy—that was where I started. Where I’m going explores issues of aging, honor, and the value we place on personal relationships.

So there is a massive amount of lore, legends, tales, and the such within your books. How much research went into making such an expansive amount of god and god like characters? How hard was it for you to make their voice fit your stories?

Many of the old pagan belief systems are full of gods that reflect human foibles. They are not all that different or alien from humanity; they are simply possessed of inhuman powers. That power affects their psyche, of course, but it doesn’t prevent them from relating to humans, either. 
Research-wise, I start simply at Wikipedia and then move on from there to original sources, usually on university websites, which have some lovely stuff.
Conceptually where did the Iron Druid series come from? What inspired you take setup and make a series longer then just the general three books?
All the world’s pantheons and magical critters wouldn’t fit into three books. As is, I’m not going to include them all, but rather a good fraction of them.
Atticus was in the Cage Match 2012 this year and although he didn’t win it all he was in there with some legendary characters, and some of my favorite authors characters, y’know beyond yours. How did that feel to have your character ranked up there with them?
The Cage Match is always a good time. I was very grateful to my readers for getting him so far in the tournament.
Appearance wise I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while now, and I have a few very big fans of yours that have wanted to as well. I heard you are going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year, is that true? And how long will you be there? What other appearances will you be making this year?
I’ll be both at Phoenix Comicon during Memorial Day Weekend and at SDCC in July. The rest of my appearances are listed on my Events and Appearances page on my website: 
So when can we expect the next books from you to come out? And how long do you have in mind to keep running the Iron Druid series?
Book five, TRAPPED, will be out November 27. The sixth book should be next summer. If those sell well (crossin’ my fingers) I’d like to do nine altogether.
I ask this question of every great author I interview, meaning all of them including you sir, What advice do you have for someone that is trying to break onto the scene as an author?
I advise both reading and writing a lot. Don’t just write! And also, don’t give up when you get your first rejection. It took me nineteen years of trial and error and rejection to figure things out, but eventually I managed it.
Thanks for taking your time and answering these questions, I can’t wait for your next book Tricked was amazing.
Appreciate you having me!
Again I’d like to thank Kevin for taking his time to answer these questions about the Iron Druid chronicles, and I’d like to suggest you not only read all four of his Iron Druid books which you can buy on Amazon, the first three come in a bundle pack for your Kindle here, or buy all four for your Nook here, or go to your local bookstore and buy them! I don’t have a link for that one. Also follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinHearne where you can talk to him about all things druid, and like him on Facebook as well!
Druid, druid, druid!
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