An interview with the folks from MMPR Fan Film

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With all of the news we’ve had coming out about Power Rangers MegaForce cameos, to how amazing these folks fan trailer was I decided to step out and interview the folks behind that amazing fan trailer. Down below is some pretty awesome info on what they’re doing beyond that fan trailer, and what we can expect from it.

Now if you can explain a little of what MMPR is going to be about. After I put up that I was doing a Q&A with you guys I received a lot of questions about what aspects of the original you were going to use, and how dark this was actually going to be.

“MMPR” is a fan film/web series that takes place 20 years after the original 3 seasons of the television series. It starts off prior to the ending of season 3 (which is when all the Rangers are turned into kids). Our story begins during a battle between the original Rangers against Lord Zedd and eventually, we end up in present time.

You guys made your Kickstarter and got it fully funded, how big was that for you, and considering how the internet is how do you deal with the nay sayers out there? Does it give you an extra boost to do these even better than expected?

It feels great. Our goal on Kickstarter was $18,500 and after the first week, we were already at $15,000 and at the end of the second week, we were already past $25,000! It has been a roller coaster ride, this whole production. Our team works extremely hard and we are very passionate about this project – so seeing the Kickstarter do so well shows that there is a fan base out there that wants to see this come to life and trust our vision. We try not to focus on the negative comments some people have because that is what happens when you put something out there like this. We care more about our fans who are just as passionate about this as we are.

What kind of morphing process will take place? Will it be different then any we’ve seen on the TV series?

The morphing process in our film will be different from what we are use to. It will be very Tron-esq and we will be playing with holographic visual effects. With the story we wrote, it makes sense for these new Rangers to have an updated, more technological-based morphing sequence.

What kind of costumes are you working on? Will they be the spandex type we’ve seen, or something similar to what was seen in the first Power Rangers movie?

We wanted to stray away from the spandex of the Ranger suits and upgrade them to more of a light armor-type. I liked the suits in the first Power Rangers movie, but they seem a bit clunky for what we are going for. We have released concept art of the suits on our facebook.


Credit to the MMPR fan film Facebook page

Credit to the MMPR fan film Facebook page

What kind of Zords will there be? There is a lot of mythos within the animals the old rangers shows use so will you be trying for something completely different in that sense? And if you can share a little about the process of how you came up with what zords were chosen would be great.

We actually decided that we won’t be using Zords just yet. Our team feels that the way we would really want to do them, would require a huge budget and a whole team of visual effect guys. So for right now, we are putting the Zords on hold.

Power Rangers is known for it’s martial arts and over the top explosions, and pyro from the chest, will the pyro be cut down? If so will their be blood and damage on the Ranger suits to show they’ve been in battle? And what kind of martial arts will be used? Will there be more brawler styles utilized considering not everyone is a natural fighter?

We aren’t planning on going too over the top with blood or anything like that. But our cast are all trained in stage combat and we are working with a fight choreography team to build our fight scenes. Each Ranger will have their own fighting style that we would like to showcase when their time comes.

Are we going to see some nods to the Might Morphin Power Rangers of old and of any Super Sentai at all?

We will see plenty of easter eggs and nods to various Power Ranger seasons. Actually, one of the major aspects of our story involve the Silver Guardians, who were in the Power Rangers Time Force season. We have some cool stuff planned our for fans of the show.

Everyone knows that the Green Ranger was a fan favorite, is there any chance of that ranger making into the fold? And will there be any cameos from any Power Rangers from the TV shows?

We have recently announced that the Green Ranger will be in our story. We have had conversations with several former cast members to do some cameos. We have a few surprises up our sleeves.


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