Amy Adams Briefly Talks BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: Plus New Rumors Regarding The Film’s Villain(s)


batman supermanHave you had enough news and rumors for Batman vs. Superman yet? No? Well good, we’ve got some more for you. After it was announced that Gal Gadot was going to be Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman, the floodgates opened about all manner of things from possible Lex Luthor casting to the one about Metallo being the film’s big bad. Well now a few new rumors about the film’s villains and another name to add to the Luthor list has popped up. In more solid news, Amy Adams did very briefly talk about the Man of Steel sequel and when filming begins.

Speaking with Collider while doing press for American Hustle, Amy Adams (Lois Lane) was asked about her thoughts regarding the Gal Gadot casting. It may surprise you to know that she knew absolutely nothing about the Wonder Woman casting  and the question was the first time she had even heard about it:

Did they? I don’t even know. See, I’m clearly not the person to talk to. That’s awesome! I hope I get a scene with her, cause I love working with the gals.

And I thought you were an investigative reporter Miss Lane? She did know something though- when principal photography actually begins. Said Adams, “I think we start in February, it’s sort of the plan. I think it’s going to be awesome. Epic. It’s going to be good times.” So Adams knows very little about what’s going on, but she hopes to get a scene or two with the Amazonian princess.

colin salmonSo now we leave the world of quotes and travel to the land of rumors. Get your salt shakers because we’ve got another name to add to the Lex Luthor list and a little nugget regarding the film’s villains. Starting off with Mr. Luthor, ScreenRant has a clarification about an earlier news story. Remember it was said that Denziel Washington, Idris Elba, and David Ramsey (Arrow’s sidekick Diggle) were in the running for Luthor and that it didn’t necessarily mean they were going for an African-American Luthor? Well ScreenRant say that’s mainly true, though it’s Colin Salmon (Arrow’s step-dad, Doctor Who, Bond) who was the African-american Arrow alum who was up for the role.

And finally, Batman-News.Com says that the film will have not one, but two villains. The news comes from a Facebook post from Batman-on-Film, who isn’t in the scoop game but do have Warner Bros. contacts. Take it with a grain of salt, but they say that there will be two villains and that both will be from Superman’s rogues gallery. If you were hoping for something like a Joker/Lex team-up or any other combination along those lines, you may be out of luck. Take that with a grain of salt, but it does make a little sense. No matter how many heroes or villains they add, this is still supposed to be a Superman movie. They can at least give him two of his own villains. We’ll just have to wait and see. So what do you think about the latest goings on in the Batman vs. Superman rumor mill?

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