AMC Ordering Garth Ennis’ PREACHER To Pilot


preacherAfter years and years of development hell, Garth EnnisPreacher may be getting seeing salvation thanks to AMC. Badass Digest is reporting that the network thinks Ennis‘ classic Vertigo series is just the thing AMC is looking for to help fill the hole left by shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men ending. The network has allegedly ordered a pilot to see how things go.

Preacher, from Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, told the story of a small town preacher named Jesse Custer who likes his booze. Jesse is possessed by an entity spawned by the ‘union’ of an angel and a demon. Imbued with the Word of God (the power to make anyone do anything he says), Jesse goes on the hunt for the Lord himself. The Lord abandoned all of creation and Jesse is going to make sure he pays. Jesse is joined by his ex-girlfriend and current hit woman Tulip. A hundred year old Scottish vampire named Cassidy rounds out the cast. On their journey they encounter countless strange and downright creepy beings.

There have been attempts at adapting Preacher as far back as 1998 when Ennis wrote a script that Kevin Smith wanted to direct. As recently as two years ago Sam Mendes was working on an HBO miniseries. Preacher is violent and gritty, but the most controversial aspects is how it tackles religion. How to adapt it and what aspects to use is what has held the movie up, but it seems AMC has found the right formula if their willing to give it a pilot. Walking Dead pushes the boundaries of R-rated entertainment on TV, but Preacher would push that line even further. It will be very interesting to see how this one plays out. HBO passed on The Walking Dead originally, and it looks like another one of HBO‘s losses could be another big gain for the AMC. What do you think about the news? Would you like to see AMC pick it up or are you still holding out hope for a movie?

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