AMC Chief Confirms PREACHER Rumors To Comic Shop Owner: Seth Rogen May Produce


preacherYesterday the rumor hit that AMC had ordered a pilot for Preacher, based on the hit Vertigo series from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Fans were understandably excited since either a movie or miniseries has been in the works off and on since 1998. AMC did a great job adapting The Walking Dead, so it seemed like it might be a good fit for a show based on a very controversial series. If you missed the original story, you can read it here. Well today a little more news has hit about the potential pilot. It sounds like Ed Carroll (AMC Chief Operating Officer) may have confirmed everything while picking up a few things at a comic book store.

preacherBleeding Cool ran a short story about AMC‘s head honcho coming into a comic book store and talking about Preacher. However this evening 13thDimension.Com knew Menachem Luchins, the shop owner in question, and got him to give a blow-by-blow of what happened at Escape Pod Comics. It’s a long and pretty humorous exchange about comic book adaptations, but here’s one of the more important bits (to the best of Luchins’ knowledge):

After taking Vol. 1 and putting back Vol. 6 he says, “So how does it compare to The Walking Dead?” Ah. Lightbulb. Clearly, this guy has seen the rumor about AMC picking up Preacher that was making the rounds yesterday and thought, “Oh, I like Walking Dead, the show and the comic, maybe I’ll get a head start on this one.”
“Well, they’re not really comparable, Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic sort of Man Against The Odds epic but Preacher is more a very raw discussion of man’s relationship to God and how that relationship can affect people…” He cuts me off, “Yeah, well, Walking Dead is really about Man vs. Man, though, y’know … like most of these stories are.”
I accede that he’s correct and decide to just go for it, “So I guess you heard the rumors about AMC buying Preacher, huh?”
“Yeah, he says… I work there.”
So I get a bit flustered, especially after some more talk makes it clear that AMC has indeed purchased the rights, and start babbling about what a great book Preacher is, the sort of challenges they’re going to have, just geeking out basically.
“If you do it right, though, it could be VERY successful.”
“I hope so, we paid enough for it,” he deadpans.

You can read the entire exchange, which I highly recommend you do, by clicking here. It’s surprising that he would be that open and candid about comic book adaptations, but I guess there wasn’t much need to be so secretive since the rumor was already out there. This makes it seem like AMC is pretty serious about things and really want to get the ball rolling.

In related news, Seth Rogen sent out two Tweets last night that made folks think he may be an executive producer on the show. Rogen and his partner Evan Goldberg were rumored to be working on a film adaptation at one time, but it seems they might be retooling it for TV. This Is The End wouldn’t be a huge leap from Preacher considering the two properties subject matter, so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Rogen is an admitted fan, so that’s a plus. What do you think about the comic book shop talk? Would you like to see Rogen and Goldberg involved with the series?

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