sinister sixSony shocked fans when they secretly announced a Venom and Sinister Six film in a press release hidden on one of their viral sites. Since then we’ve learned that the Venom movie will be written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Ed Solomon with Kurtzman directing. The Sinister Six film will be written and possibly directed by the recently announced Daredevil Netflix series showrunner Drew Goddard. In a recent interview with IGN, Orci talked a little bit about those two villain-centric films and how the assembled Spidey team is going about working on the stories.

VenomfeatureMany thought that the Sinister Six and Venom would be odd choices for Spider-Man spinoffs considering they would be focusing on villains. There are many comic book movies, but none have really looked at an out-and-out villain. Orci doesn’t see them doing that with these two films because it is ‘ballsy,’ he thinks they’re doing it because it is different. Said the writer:

One of our old sayings always is “Whatever you’re afraid of, go there. Follow the fear. Don’t turn away from the fear.” So what you’re saying is exactly the reason why we’re doing it. Like, let’s try and challenge ourselves. Do we think of ourselves as ballsy? No. We’re the luckiest guys in the world. There’s no courage involved in this. [Laughs] But thank you for saying so. But you’re raising the correct point, which is head towards the difficult stuff.

While it is a different take, it will be about bad guys. Some online commentators think that they make the Sinister Six more of an anti-hero group like Marvel’s Thunderblots team. Orci says that is definitely something they’re thinking about, but they haven’t nailed down how to approach the story for either film just yet:

That’s the discussion we’re having right now; how exactly do you do that, and how do you do it without betraying the audience and making them all mean? Drew Goddard [Cabin Fever] is going to be writing that one, so it’s kind of his problem. [Laughs] I’m kidding. We’re all working on each other’s stuff. So we want to be true to it, but there are some antiheroes in this day and age. There’s been examples of that even on TV — Vic Mackey on The Shield, one of the great antiheroes of all time. There are ways to milk that story. Audiences have seen everything. They’ve seen all the good guys who never do anything wrong. Is there a story in seeing the other side? That’s the challenge, and that’s the fun. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that yet.

When asked if Venom would be Eddie Brock of Flash Thompson, the writer danced around the question but said they would definitely “shake things up” with that film more than any other. He also put fans’ fears to rest when he confirmed Spider-Man 4 would be an actual Spider-Man film and not a placeholder for one of the spinoff films. Orci and Spider-Man director Marc Webb are two members of the big Sony think tank assembled to work on expanding Spidey’s world and it sounds like they are hard at work nailing the stories down. Orci gives us a few things to think about regarding how they’re approaching it. You can read the full interview with the writer at the source link below. What do you think about the writer’s comments?

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Source : IGN