Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2012: Rob Liefeld & Scott Lobdell Panel


 But it was not just jokes and funny moments, they both talked about the success of DC New 52,  Marvel Comics and what is their point of view on killing off characters and what does it mean to fans.

Rob Liefeld

Rob and Scott went at it a little bit when they were talking about DC and Marvel,  who makes better decisions about  story lines and Scott “magically” predicted the out come of Avengers vs. X-Men, super funny stuff.

Also Rob Liefeld might have talked about the Deadpool movie, and what he might have or have not seen recently..hehehe. He might have confirmed that he has seen or has not seen some footage, that includes Deadpool with his mask on blowing heads off.. again..INTERESTING NEWS….watch the video, its worth it.  Rob Liefeld explains what he thinks of the Deadpool Corps. Again watch the video, a lot of interesting and funny facts are mentioned, and this guys are amazing…CHECK IT OUT!

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(Photos By Ruben Reyes)

(Video recording By Eli Contreras)

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