Alex Ross Really Doesn’t Like The RED HULK


red hulkAlex Ross seems to have a new batch of covers coming out every week for a different series at a variety of different publisher. The fan-favorite artist is always busy, but it seems he’s been especially busy these past few months. Ross has provided some stunning covers for the new Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet digital story as well as a series of covers for Marvel‘s 75th anniversary. We’ve seen all of RossMarvel covers so far, but in a recent interview with CBR about that particular project, the artist opened up about a wide variety of things involving his love of Marvel and its characters. The funniest part came about when he started discussing his Hulk cover, specifically the inclusion of the Red Hulk. Turns out Ross is not a fan of the big red Hulk who shares his last name.

hulkWhen it was brought up that RossMarvel covers are tied together by their compositions and how they are driven by the characters and their powers, the artist was asked if he set out with the goal to tie them together in such a way. After expressing his regret at having Cyclops firing off a huge optic blast on his X-Men cover, he got off on a tangent about how he included a homage to his theory involving the Red Hulk. Turns out Ross thinks ol’ Thunderbolt Ross has no business being big red:

One thing I’ll say in these ones since I’ve got the platform, and it’s kind of goofy — in terms of paying homages to certain things, in the case of the Hulk, as much as all the elements in it are reflecting the original Kirby story from ’63, there’s also a hidden thing in there I’m trying to portray. I’m a regular Marvel reader, and I follow a lot of those comics as they come out. During the Red Hulk saga that stretched out over two years, making us question who it was going to be, I always had my answer ready at hand. To me, it was obvious that the guy who would have become the Red Hulk — who wanted to become a Hulk — was this other scientist who pressed the button that made the explosion that trapped Bruce Banner in the first place. That’s Igor Drenkov. And if you take a look at the piece I did, he’s the guy right behind Ross. That’s my way of pointing a finger at him to say, “That guy was important.” And if you look between him and the half-changing Hulk above him, there’s the impression of an arrow going between the two. The reason there’s all that red light in the piece is my way of saying, “This is the guy who should have turned out to be the Red Hulk.” [Laughs] He had the hair. He was working with the Russians, so he would have been a Red. It made much more sense than General Ross turning out to be the Red Hulk. But then again, I’m not the kind of person who thinks the Hulk should have a son kicking around or that every character he ever met eventually gets turned into a Hulk. So there’s a whole disparity on creative outlook there.

If you remember the time when the Red Hulk saga was going on, you know there were innumerable theories about the identity of the new Hulk. One popular theory suggested that Ares was the man behind the new monster. Ross‘ theory was rather interesting and would have definitely felt like things had come full circle in a sense, but at least he got to have his fun with the cover. You can read everything the artist had to say by clicking the source link below. What do you think about Ross‘ comments?

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Source : ComicBookResources