Alex Ross Offers Up A BATMAN ’66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET Spoiler


batman 66Alex Ross has been providing some truly stunning covers for Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman‘s upcoming digital first series Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet, a co-published series from DC and Dynamite Entertainment. The series was announced as a follow up to the fan-favorite crossover episodes that saw The Green Hornet and Kato coming to Gotham City. The two pairs of crime fighters will be crossing paths again and facing off against Colonel Gum, but due to likeness issues with actor Roger C. Carmel, the villain has gotten a makeover and a promotion. General Gum will now be causing our heroes some problems. In a recent interview with CBR, Ross talked about his covers for the series and offered up a spoiler or two about Smith and Garman‘s story in the process.

After talking about the process of deciding what went into the covers for the series, Ross was asked if he had a checklist of elements from the two shows he wanted to incorporate into his work. The artist revealed that he had a few things he really wanted to draw, but there were a few he didn’t get to touch because they weren’t in the story. While talking about things that are in the story, Ross gave the site advance word on a big villain we’ll be seeing on the cover for an issue that will be solicited in a few weeks:

Yeah. There were things I just wasn’t going to be able to touch on — Batgirl’s not going to be in the series, for example. I’ll give away the big surprise that the Joker will show up in this series. The solicitation going out in a couple of weeks will show the cover I painted with him on it, so we’re breaking huge news here, I know. [Laughs] But I was able to get my ya yas by drawing at least that one formidable villain from the show.
When it came to the cars, I’ve got a cover for the fifth issue coming up that has the Batmobile and the Black Beauty side-by-side, scraping one another with huge sparks flying off. They’re almost in a race. That’s an element of the show where you couldn’t not acknowledge it. That’s the same with the set piece on the cover to #3, where you’ve seen the vignette showing the Batcave in the background. That was a real compression of things, to try and get that in, plus the new villain, plus the fight between Kato and Robin. I just desperately wanted to get in one painting of the atomic stockpile in the Batcave.

So Joker will be popping up in the later half of the series. Whether General Gum and the Clowned Prince of Crime team up or just decide to take a run at Batman, Robin, Green Hornet, and Kato at the same time remains to be seen. While seeing Ross‘ version of Batman 66′s Joker will be exciting, the cover showing the Batmobile and Black Beauty trading paint may be the cover that really gets fans’ motors revving. You can read the full interview with the artist at the source link below. What do you think about Ross letting us in on a few story details?

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Source : ComicBookResources