AlbinoDarkBeast Returns And Wants To Kick-Ass!


So Kick-Ass 2 is scheduled to premiere August 16th in the US, amidst a sea of fan expectation. The previous installment was well-received, earning several awards and critical acclaim.

I, for one, am not that thrilled.


I know, I know. Super hero movies are not all supposed to be the new Citizen Kane of their genre every time a new one comes out, but please, bear with me for a moment.

I have a huge man crush on Mark Millar. Or at least I did until he adapted the screenplay for Kick-Ass. It was a sublime book, oozing zeitgeist from every page, filled with an overwhelming ambiance of pathetic underachievement and social awkwardness, beautifully laced with sex, violence and profanity. To me, it was just as enjoyable to read as The Guys. In a different temporal context, I truly believe it could have reached the cult status that Cerebus enjoys today. That’s how much I loved it.


An then, out of the blue, without any evidence of cohersion, Millar himself prostituted and twisted his own work into a very disposable and bland, formulaic story with an anticlimactic ending on par with the blasphemy committed against Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Yes, it’s a trademark of basement-dwelling, acne-ridden comic geeks to be outraged and disgusted by minor changes and nuances, but unlike making the Kingpin and Heimdall black or giving Spiderman organic web shooters, these alterations were anything but subtle and turned out to be counter-productive for the final work.


It’s nearly 3 years too late to scream “spoiler alert”, so if you didn’t read the first book or watch the first movie, deal with it. Kick-Ass actually hooking up with the girl instead of pretending to be gay to be near her, the whole scene with the jet-pack, the not-at-all pathetic ending all just killed the whole story. They butchered it, neutered it, removed the uncomfortable teenage bits and made it unnecessarily digestible for a broader audience. Exactly the polar opposite of everything that Super accomplished that same year.


The new trailer for Kick-Ass 2 looks badass, there’s no denying it, and the cast is amazing. From what I’ve read online the soundtrack and special effects look promising to say the least, but Millar pulled such a great George Lucas out of his ass last time, I feel disappointed already.

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What do YOU think?

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