Alan Taylor Got In Trouble For His THOR: THE DARK WORLD Comments; Chris Eccleston Talks Comic Book Movies


ecclestonThor: The Dark World is a mere two weeks away. The highly anticipated sequel is getting pretty good reviews so far and that’s usually a pretty good sign. As we mark the final few days off our calenders until we swarm the theaters at midnight to see the film, the cast and crew are making the final press rounds to talk about their work. Digital Spy spoke with Christopher Eccleston (Malekith the Accursed) and Alan Taylor (the director) about Elf loving, how they gave the Dark Elves a sense of credibility, and how Taylor got in trouble for some of his past comments.

Taylor reiterates his stance that his work on Game of Thrones helped him land the Marvel gig. He goes on to compare and contrast the two jobs and says that there is more humor and less sex in The Dark World. Eccleston and Taylor joke that a lot of Elven sex was left on the cutting room floor. We won’t see that on the Blu-ray since it’s in their personal collections, but they said the scenes are very complicated and really use the Elves’ ears. The ears are integral to the act.

malekithMoving on the to what we will actually get to see, Eccleston touched on his lack of familiarity with comics and what drew him to the role:

Yes, vaguely familiar. I wasn’t a huge comic book fan as a child or now. They’re not naturally the type of films I would watch. I did a bit of research, watched the first film etc. The attraction for me was working with Alan, who I met twice before and he didn’t give me a job.

The actor revealed he had met with Taylor on two other occasions in the past but didn’t land the jobs he was auditioning for. After everyone had passed on Malekith, the pair joke, the job ended up going to Eccleston when he was the only person left. Eccleston said he got typecast because he is Eccleston the Accursed or Eccleston the Bitter, whichever you prefer.

After landing the job, Eccleston had to learn an entirely new language to be the Dark Elf leader. That was a big challenge for the actor. It was a combination of four different languages, mainly Finnish. He talks about the weight things like that add to the race in the film:

If they have a language they obviously have a culture and a belief system. We wanted to create a sense of history for the dark elves. We wanted them to be credible, really. Credible! Can you imagine being credible in a comic book film?!

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you know Eccleston‘s backhanded comments are just par for the course. He’s always a professional actor and does a great job, but he can come off a little gruff in interviews when it comes to comic book and sci-fi projects.  Finally, Taylor talks about the infamous Joss Whedon rewrite. The director had mentioned a few months ago that the Marvel godfather swooped in and fixed some troubling scenes for them. Apparently his comments got him in trouble with the higher ups. He tries to smooth it over, but he does get another little jab in:

Yes, he did. In fact I got into trouble for saying exactly that. I better be careful how I put it… Our script was a living thing, in flux throughout production, and til about 20 minutes ago. Joss was airlifted in at one critical point, much to my relief, and did a pass on a couple of scenes and then was airlifted out again. It was great. He really brought those scenes to life. I want to be clear all of our writers are wonderful. That was just one little thing he came in to do for us.

Taylor said there were no problems between he and Marvel, but comments like this and the recent report he hated the mid-credits scene (find that here) really makes you wonder if that’s true. While he may not be working with them again in the foreseeable future, it looks like his directorial efforts with Thor was a success. What do you think about the actor and director’s comments?

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Source : Digital Spy